How To: Unlock iOS 5.1.1 On iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS With UltraSn0w Fixer For 5.1.1

Apple released the iOS 5.1.1 firmware two days ago featuring bug fixes and improvements while taking HDR photos. When the iOS 5.1.1 firmware was released we told you to stay away from updating if you relied on a Jailbreak or Unlock. Although we issued a warning, I am sure there are still a select group of people who went ahead and updated anyways.

This isn’t as big of a deal for Jailbreakers, but if you rely on an unlock for your iPhone then not being able to connect to your carrier obviously poses a significant problem. In most cases you should just be able to reinstall UltraSn0w, but because it has not been updated yet this leaves you only one other option – UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1.

What UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1 does is it allows you to unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1.1 on the following basebands 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.13.01, 05.12.01, 06.15.00. You must also be Jailbroken tethered on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware using RedSn0w 0.9.10b8b. Thus, in this how to guide from you will learn how to unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware with UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1.

How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 5.1.1

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is Jailbreak your iPhone on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware by visiting iJailbreak’s How To Jailbreak Section.

Step 2: Now you will need to launch Cydia so we can add the 3rd party repository UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1 is hosted in. When Cydia is up and running go into the Manage tab, Sources section, tap the edit button and then the add button and add the following source:

UltraSn0w Fixer Guide

Step 3: With the source successfully added you will need to simply go into the iParelHos repo section.

UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1

Once you see UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1 simply install it to your iPhone.

UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1


Step 4: When UltraSn0w Fixer has been installed simply go into Cydia’s Search tab and search for UltraSn0w.

UltraSn0w Fixer Guide

After you have searched for it and see it, install it to your iPhone also and reboot.

UltraSn0w Fixer Guide

Congratulations! You have just unlocked your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running the iOS 5.1.1 firmware with UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1. If you are still having troubles make sure you installed UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1 before UltraSn0w. For those that did it in the reverse order you will need to uninstall both packages, reboot your iPhone and follow this how to guide once again. Please leave any further questions or thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. Duychemist says:

    Hey it’s nice. Work grate on my iPhone 3gs baseband 6.15

  2. so does this unlock it for tmobile? or no?

  3. i get these 2 errors…
    trying to overwrite
    1.   /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/tehfix.dylib’, which is also in package com.zmaster.ultrasn0w-fix

    2.   Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    Return to Cydia

  4. I figure it out, I just erase the the 1st ultrasn0w and installed the fixer. Now It stuck on searching for carrier? Been waiting over 20 minutes, nothing?
    Trying to unlock for T-Mobile

  5. How am i supposed to preserve my baseband ,, redsnow or snowbreeze wouldnt accept 5.1.1

  6. can i upgrade my basband i have 04.12.01 how can i make this unlockable help please

  7. Viperheart Apple says:

    when about this baseband 04.12.01 japan lock

  8. Didithu says:

     Not working @all. How u did that anyway?

  9. not working for me,

  10. amiface says:

    I am on baseband 04.12.01 is there any way I can unlock my iphone?

  11. ye i got 3gs running 5.1.1 base 06.15.00 and still not unlocked (cant find any carrier),but it seems to be untethered jailbroken (redsnow 10b8b) coz i can reboot and go cydia or installous ! but all guides says its tethered for 3gs

  12. Wesige_putha says:

     no……………still ultrasnow is working for that

  13. Wesige_putha says:

    3gs have unlock more then 6month with ipad baseband

  14. yes, but this phone was already with ipad bb 06.15
    hoewer i just had to reinstall ipad bb  and now everything works well, 3gs 5.1.1 06.15.00(ipadBB) untethered! ( will be tethered if u got new bootroom)

  15.  1 – 5.1.1 with itunes
    2 – jailbreak with redsn0w 10b8b using 5.1 firmware (not 5.1.1)
    3 – go cydia => add repo above => install “Ultrasn0w fixer 5.1.1”
    4- install ultrasn0w
    5- go redsn0w again , select 5.1 firmware , and do Install ipad baseband
    works well,untethered if u r old bootroom

  16. thanks for this clearing this up, i’ve been pulling my hair out all day trying to get my 3GS w/iPad BB unlocked, all I had to do was reinstall the BB after everything else and it worked a treat! THANK YOU! :)

  17. #ShianG! says:

    hi there im on modem firmware 04.12.01. is that my baseband and is there anyway to unlock it to use a different carrier on my iPhone 4 32gb?

  18. Andy Casterton says:

    i also get this….

  19. any way to unlock 04.11.08 baseband? its not working for me.

  20. Patrickle_usa says:

    what about firware 5.16.05?

  21. Jenn Ramirez11 says:

    did you find a fix for this?? i am having the same problem!!


  22. Imatch777 says:

    Steps do not support ios 5.1.1 bb 4.12.01

  23. When is the unlock coming out for BB 4.12.01 !!!!!!

  24. Yyujikarl says:

    my iphone just keeps on searching it doesn’t have signal after i did all the steps above please help.

  25. Ryeacierto says:

    there is no way unlock for bb 4.11.08 at the moment

  26. Gavinshookie88 says:

    how can i unlock IOS 5.1.1 with BB 4.12.1…………..?.?.?.? My Carrier is (3 Ireland 12.0)

  27. Blue600hornet says:

    there is for   04.11.08 I have done it about a month ago. Download Sam in Cydia..

  28. Brandon says:

    does that work for iphone 4s too

  29. Hammond Mark says:

    Step 5 does not work for me.


    Then my phone just boots up as normal and redsnow just hangs.

  30. Hammond Mark says:

    I’ve tried this:

    1) Install iOS 5.1.1 with iTunes
    2) Select IPSW 5.1 within redsnow, click back then
    3) Click Jailbreak 

    Exploiting limera 


    iPhone 3GS boots to normal unactivated state.

    Also tried

    1) Install iOS 5.1.1 with iTunes
    2) Jailbreak
    3) Ultrasn0w fix 5.1.1
    4) Ultrasnow
    5) re-install ipod baseband


    same thing as above.


  31. Bridgettescott says:

    I’ve followed all the steps, no errors or anything but it’s still locked?

  32. great  tips..thanks

  33. Followed your 5 steps on my 3GS, but still… Network status goes from ‘searching’ to ‘No Service’ and back…

    I can see Carrier 12.0 and Modem Firmware 06.15.00…

    Untill when will my/our 3GS be useless? Will we ever get the chance te heal the phone? Is there any way to downgrade to a ‘official’ iPhone as we bought it??

    Thx for reply!

  34. How about 3Gs 05.16.05 ? help !

  35. Nhel_21_nb says:


  36. ANXXiPhone3Gs says:

    but how did u Jailbreak ur phone in 1st place…is it an iPhone 3Gs or different

  37. ANXXiPhone3Gs says:

    tried with latest redsn0w also. my iPhone 3GS was unlocked b4 and the bb is 6.15.00. now after upgrading to iOS 5.1.1(my mistake), i m unable to jailbreak it. its booting to the same Activation stuff. since i don’t hv the original sim, i m unable to see further if cydia is installed or nt…ny kind of suggestion will be appreciated

  38. the installation worked very well for 3Gs BB 6.15.00 for ios 5.1.1 but for one condition you all can try it if you have problem searching issue or no service …go to settings > network > disable 3G (make it off ) after then restart (reboot) your device
    this will work with who have problems with searching issue and no service 100% worked

  39. that ok thanks!! good working

  40. Kiara Dejesus says:

    Would This work for the IPhone 4S with Sprint 5.1.1 firmware? I need to unlock it to switch to another company. Sprint sucks!! Thank a lot

  41. Did all steps, it is showing the carrier as Koodo (which would imply it unlocked) but it is just saying “Searching…”
    baseband 5.16.05

  42. my iPhone 4 is on 04.11.08 which is jailbroken but not unlocked. does my baseband changes if I upgrade to 5.1.1 or 5.1 and unlock? Or is there any way I can change the baseband…?
    Thanks in advance..

  43. larrybrains says:

    I am wondering the same. Is this something that is close to release?

  44. Francesryjh says:

    my Iphone 3GS 5.1.1 just keep searching!

  45. so i went to bell and got a simcard for my iphone 4 and put on the ultrasnow and did it right but it just pts on a sim failure notification and in the corner it says invalid sim

  46. Didn’t work with my iPhone 4, baseband 04.12.01

  47. please let all of us know if some solution comes out

  48. please let all of us know if u get some solution

  49.  jailbreak your iphone 3gs through redsnow and uncheck cydia … this will hacktivate your iphone and you will be install ultrasnow for the unlock too .. cheers :)

  50.  you perhaps did not make a custom IPSW through redsnow and restore it through itunes … make sure you do that

  51. Steph Hagarty says:

    I had to redo it after uninstalling the sources again because I already had UltraSn0w, but now after i’ve reinstalled the ultraslow fix 5.1.1, I go in the search bar and look up for UltraSn0w but it doesn’t show up anymore?? 

  52.  my iPhone 4 is on 04.11.08 which is jailbroken but not unlocked. does my
    baseband changes if I upgrade to 5.1.1 or 5.1 and unlock? Or is there
    any way I can change the baseband…?
    Thanks in advance..

  53. I havent tried to activate the phone onto my account yet but when i put my old phones sim card in it says “searching” like other people here are saying. Is this normal or did the unlock not work properly?

  54. Arh1p20 says:

    I do all steps and nothing happen with iphone 4 BB 4.12.01 

  55. 4.12.01 unlock please!!!!

  56. Arh1p20 says:

    after this steps my cydia is crashed and i restored the phone and again do it all steps and dose not working somebody can help??? 

  57. i have jailbroken my iPhone 3gs (obviously tethered) however  after following the steps above my phone is constantly “searching” i do not get a “no sim” or anything like that any ideas?

  58. I have a 3GS which everything was installed properly. I try to put the SIm card in, and i get all the time on top left corner. THen I said, myabe I have to reboot the iphone. So I did, tried to boot with redsn0w, but I get a message saying I have to
    I really dont know anything about IPSW, can someone help me please?

  59. Rdhdedwhtsnke says:

    Did not work. did it in correct order… says no service… kinda bummed

  60. intall rocky racoon 5.1.1 through cydia. you will have an untethered phone

  61. sshsajja says:

     the article says “What UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.1.1 does is it allows you to unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1.1 on the following basebands 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.13.01, 05.12.01, 06.15.00″…so it doesnt support 5.16.05

  62. is it really work for iphine 4s , ios 5.1.1???need help

  63. I tried it on my iPhone 4 with 01.59 BB but i have no signal bar,but show T-Mobile and can make calls.

  64. me tooooo..

  65. L Dixon92 says:

    I’m on 2.0.12 baseband , is there something for that?

  66. Cindypineda says:


  67. Cindypineda says:

    IT WORKED PERFECTLY! Just one problem, It works but I only have 1 signal bar!! Is there any fix for this?

  68.  same

  69. Blinkers says:

    BB 1.59.00 will only show 1 bar no matter what signal strength you actually have. The fix is to upgrade your BB but you lost the Ultras0w unlock.

  70. Reddevil01 says:

    I have a iPhone 4 ios 5.1.1 with baseband 4.12.01
    I downloaded the newly Absinthe jailbreak and then followed the steps for UltrasnOw Fixer  5.1.1 and downloaded the UltrasnOw 1.2.5 . Went through the steps as described. After all was done, phone is still locked. An awesome solution to unlock the iphone 4 with a baseband 4.12.01 has been long overdue. A little help please!!!

  71. Kristel says:

    Please help me. Ive already updated my iphone 3gs to ios 5.1.1 bb 6.15. serial number 938. and it keeps on searching the network.. no service problem.. how will i unlock my phone? please help… tnx

  72. please when is coming 04.12.01?

  73. Joe Kazan says:

    hey followed step by step with my iphone 3gs 5.1.1 baseband 06.15.00 but it still doesn’t work. 3G is off. wifi’s working. it just says no service and has become the equivalent of a jealbroken ipodtouch. Any help would be appreciated and thank you

  74. Galaxythomas10 says:

    do you need to preserve old baseband?

  75. Trevy gunz says:

    didnt wok for me. i have 3gs ios 5.1.1 bb 06.15.00. followed all the steps and sequences in correct  order. it does not work.

  76. Hi will i loose the 3G if i unlock it with UltraSn0w Fixer and UltraSn0w

  77. Randyzmr1 says:

    what all did you do to make this work

  78. Diesel145 says:

     he used  redsnow  and then he addedd the rocky racoon 5.1.1

  79. N Jedary says:

     i have this problem too.
    what can i do?

  80. alexgonzales says:

    Signal bars and 3G appeared but my carrier name is not which is singtel.. Please help :(

  81. Digesh Chheda says:

    Even I have same problem…I need solution..

  82. i am in you same situation bro, no way to unlock it at the moment :( if you find something please let me know.

  83. same here!!! :(

  84. I followed all the steps above, and it keeps searching for my carrier… My iphone 3gs is on base band 05.16.05, is there anthing I can do to make it work??

  85. Yes this happened to me too please help!

  86. it did not work with iphone 4s 

  87. I think when you update using Absinthe your baseband is not preserved (can someone confirm this?)

    I think the way to do it is to use sn0wbreeze to jailbreak untethered to 5.1.1 while preserving baseband, and then download the ultrasn0w fixer for 5.1.1

  88. Chester says:

    iphone4s 5.1.1. no unlock methoed coming soon?

  89. Andrea Gouvea says:

    I have the same baseband and had the same problem. No 3g and no service. It keeps searching forever! =(

  90. Jordtjac says:

    Guys. I had an epiphany. Those who had the push notification problem not working on iOS 5. The reason behind it is because of Ultrasn0w. Every time i did test without ultrasn0w, my push worked. but as soon as i installed ultrasn0w, they didn’t work anymore. The 5.1.1 fixer works though. I don’t know how to fix it right now.

  91. Gee Gee says:

    same here!!!!

  92. Edwincpope says:














  93. Liquidaze says:

    Yours is not one of the basebands that this fix supports. The author lists the supported baseband right in the guide. So no one should expect this fix to work unless they are running one of the few basebands that are mentioned. Friendly tip:)

  94. Liquidaze says:

    Your baseband isn’t listed in the guide as one of the options do I don’t know why it would be a surprise. This tutorial & fix doesn’t apply to 06.15.00 or 04.12.01 for that matter.

  95. Liquidaze says:

    Sorry, I’m wrong. I meant to reply to the 04.12.01 people having issues. 06.15.00 is one of the supposed basebands included in this fix. My apologies.

  96. Does anyone know how to fix the push notifications??????!!!!!!

  97. Does anyone know how to fix the push notifications??????!!!!!!

  98. Michael says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….after so many hours and not aware of the recent Apple update….you saved me $199.  Thanks

  99. Gaborbalintkalman says:

    i have a 3gs with 5.1.1 jailbroken with the correct version of redsnow than rocky racoon than the ultrasnow fix and the ultrasnow, and it STILL DOESNT WORK!! im running out of ideas, please someone help!

  100. Sharajava says:

    On 1 signal there after the unlocking. My baseband is 01.59.00 on iPhone4. Does any one know how to fix it? 

  101. Sharajava says:

    Sorry, I mean: Only 1 signal ……

  102. Hey I’m using iPhone 3gs with ios 5.0.1 and baseband 06.15.00(iPad Baseband), please tell me how to upgrade 5.1 with no searching problem.. Please i would be very thankful to you’ll guyz!!!

  103. Andrés Osigian says:

    Thanks you very much!!!……..I follow your instructions and now I have my iphone 3gs working perfectly well……I really appreciate your help………

  104. do you need a grevey sim card with this because my t-mobile sim card doesnt fit the slot in the iphone 4

  105. TheRooster1109 says:

    some1 fix this problem

  106. Jarrodahern says:

    Does this work with a 4s?

  107. TheCEYN says:

    I have an Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 running with firmware 4.12.01, I downloaded Absinthe and jailbroke the phone. I was using AT&T and bought a t-mobile sim card yesterday with a cheaper plan..Can anyone give me steps on how to get my phone to run on T-mobile? Like step by step everything please, ive been doing this for 2 days now and still havent gotten thru. 

  108. Robert Lee Spangler says:

    I have the same situation. Been going on three weeks now with an iPhone 3GS that I cannot get to unlock. Wondering if it is worth selling at this point?

  109. Anonymous says:

    same here

  110. Hey. the serial# is XX136 your out of lock. But if it’s lower try this, go back int o redsn0w are reinstall just the ipad baseband. Worked for me.

  111. funktioniert das noch???!!

  112. Jagdish4r says:

     if u have baseband like 4.12.01
    it wont works

  113. thisis only an ultrasn0w fixer for firmwares that dos not suport direct official ultrasn0w app or repo , or for those that crush or give errors. firmware modems like 04.12.01 wont be unlock yet untill ultrasn0w or others repos will find a solution !!

  114. Andrei Anghelescu86 says:

    hello,i trried to unlock but no result,can u leave an id to help me?

  115. live me you’r id here and i will help you !!

  116. chris0405_deguzman says:

    god damn it! it worked :)) thanks a lot I owe you my phone :)) damn I didn’t sleep for 1 day just to fix this damn phone and at last this forum fixed it! thanks a lot again!

  117. George Gergi says:

    How did you get it working? I did all the steps correctly but its still searching for the SIM Card. Appreciate the help

  118. George Gergi says:

    How did you get it working? I did all the steps correctly but its still searching for the SIM Card…

  119. ASAP=WIJUKOMNAO says:

    Guys and Girls this works just perfect i tried changing from net com (norwegian) to T-Mobile it works just fine. At the beginning it don’t have signal but if you turn it off it will work just fine :)

  120. Mine doesnt’t load the Cydia when I open it.. It says the request was timed out.. Why is that?

  121. Badzination says:

    Thanks alot  Jaden.., worked like charm.., The best step-by-step tutorial so far. Thanks again Bro!

  122. yousuck says:

    ditch the iphone get Android no1 deserves to suffer like this SAD

  123. charger_369 says:

    when i install ultrasn0w as it is downloading it gets to “Configuring ultrasn0w” then red letters show up saying “sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)” and below that “subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255″…..

  124. Wayner20 says:

    I used this method to unlock my iphone 3gs 5.1.1. I put sim card in and it said searching…or no service. I put a different sim card in and it worked like a charm. I took the first sim card and put it in my unlocked iphone 3g and it worked fine. Any ideas why the first sim didn’t work in 3gs but worked in 3g. I was hoping to use 3gs with my number and first sim but right now i can’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Btw thank you for all the hard work and information. Ive unlocked 10-12 iphones with your help but never ha this problem.

  125. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate people like you guys that take the time to explain these steps so first time unlockers and jail breakers such as myself can successfully do so without bricking our new iPhone. Again, thank you so much! -Andrew

  126. when ever i try to add the source it says time out please help

  127. Ray311081 says:

    Any news for unlocking BB 4.12.01?????

  128. what about 04.12.01?

  129. the server for the fix is down im guessing. any idea when it’l be back up again?

  130. iphone 4
    ios 5.1.1
    bb 04.12.01
    a date for coming unlock???

  131. i have iphone 4 with bb 01.59.00 ios 5.1.1. i had problem with 1 signalbar. phone was working fine but always shows 1 signalbar. here what i did it to resolve this problem.
    step1: jailbreak
    step2. install ultrasn0w 1.2.7
    step3. power off
    step 4. remove sim
    step 5. power on the phone
    step6. once the os is running..insert the sim. that’s it
    you should see full signal bar…

  132. How i unlock kt korea????a date for coming unlock for 04.12.01???

  133. How i unlock kt korea???a date for coming unlock for 04.12.01???

  134. iPhonesareawesome says:

    iPhones rule, you drool. Your just jealous lamo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. when is the best time to put the new SIM card in?

  136. If iPhone’s are so awesome then why is it impossible to unlock 4.12.01?

  137. Hi all fre help me unlock iPhone 4 (5.1.1)04.12.
    1 japan help me

  138. your just going to update you fucking baseband man!!

  139. david nisthar says:

    hey guyz.. i need help does anyone have this same problem after adding the source there is no ultrasn0w fixer 5.1.1 there is only ios 6.X plzz help me
    thank you

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