P0sixninja Working On OpenJailbreak: An Open Source Jailbreak Repository

Last week P0sixninja stated that he was working on something “bigger than a Jailbreak” and today we finally have an idea of just what this something is. It all started with a tweet from P0sixninja yesterday when he said “Ok, I hate redsn0w, I hate sn0wbreeze, and I hate 6.1.3. I’m ready to get this #openjailbreak off the ground.

You are probably thinking to yourself “what’s an open Jailbreak?


Well, iFans investigated into the matter and after talking with P0sixninja is has been discovered that it will be an open source Jailbreak repository that is going to be managed by a team headed by P0sixninja. Even the renowned graphic designer Surenix will be part of the team.

“Essentially it’s going to be a repository of open source jailbreak components that I created over the years,” claims Hill. “So much of my code has been hacked up and incorporated into other projects, it’s becoming very fragmented. There’s no central repository to maintain all this code, to allow other developers to submit patches or help layout a roadmap for what new features and abilities will be added in the future.”

Essentially this repository will help breathe new life into the Jailbreaking community, allowing users to contribute and learn from the code, producing cross-collaboration that could ultimately lead to quicker discovery of future jailbreak exploits for iOS 7 and beyond.

It doesn’t stop there, though! According to P0sixninja, this is just a small part of an ultimate plan. Unfortunately P0sixninja didn’t elaborate on this statement, but many believe he has a bootrom exploit up his sleeves.

Keep your eyes posted on OpenJailbreak.org which will be launching within the next week or so. In the meantime, we will keep you updated when more information is available. Stay tuned.

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  1. Gavin jones says:

    Gavin jones • 5 minutes ago −
    Sorry but thi is a dumb question I know but iv been jailbraking phones since redsnow BATA 1 and now iv can read the exploits used my question is how to I use a hardware exploit to put a hack firmware in phone I understand what the exploits meen I just don’t understand how you can hack the firmware of the phone with the exploits as I’d LOVE TO LEARN HOW I understand how it works even this I understand the exploits used I’m not expecting a answer to such a dumb question but I’d realy like to learn even if it was for a older. Firmware my names Gavin and my emai is [email protected]
    I know I will learn it by myself withou help coz I Fixate on shit like this till I end up getting it right I would just like some Guidance if any one can hep ease THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

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