[UPDATED] TweakWeek: A New Cydia Tweak Everyday For A Week!

Ryan Petrich, a very well known Cydia developer, has recently tweeted a new initiative called TweakWeek. TweakWeek will be an on-going initiative or challenge for Cydia developers to take part in; Once a day, for a week, a new tweak will be released into Ryan Petrich’s beta repository. All the tweaks will be free and available to download the day of, and will be open source software.

Ryan Petrich will be doing the first week which in-fact has already started. Then after the first week various other Cydia developers will be taking up the challenge including but not limited to Filippo Bigarella and Tyler Nettleton.

If you are interested in taking a better look at these tweaks that are going to be developed you will need to add Ryan Petrich’s source into Cydia (Manage > Sources > Edit > Add):


Let us know your thoughts on the TweakWeak initiative started by Ryan Petrich in the comments section below…


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    Jaden, are you going to be reporting those tweaks here..??

  • DeFlanko

    This is one the best ideas for Cydia to date… simple tweaks that take up minimal space… i love it. 

    Dietbar!? my new fav… 

  • http://twitter.com/JadenEllett Jaden

    Sure can if this is something you would be interested in :)


    Thanks, I just saw your review of first two already…

  • CrysisFaction

    The tweeks aren’t in his repo…