Use Siri To Disable And Enable Do Not Disturb Mode With The Crescent Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]

How many times do we find ourselves disabling ‘Do Not Disturb’ when we fall asleep or just want to stop getting alerts from everyone? Do you find yourself quitting out of your applications, scrolling to find settings just to disable or enable the Do Not Disturb function?

Joshua Tucker and Evan Coleman have teamed up together to develop a tweak called Crescent. Evan Coleman is in school to be an Aerospace Engineer, and has created iOS apps like TubePod, Dashboard for Maps and MenuWeather for the Mac. He also ported Siri over to older iDevices back in 2011 and developed a tweak called SiriSports which added sports to Siri for the first time. Then there’s Josh who’s created tweaks like CallBar, Emblem, Reveal, Merge and Scale. Both these guys have created some sweet stuff.

Crescent Cydia Tweak

This upcoming tweak will let users enable or disable the “Do Not Disturb” function in iOS with Siri. Crescent will also support all of Siri’s 16 languages.  There might be other tweaks like Flusterless, but I have Forecast, and Intelliscreen X installed. Having Forecast installed makes the toggle image overlap the time before and after swiping for the switch.

There seems to be too much going on and even then, “swiping left or right” on only Forecast or Flusterless installed can result in bringing down Intelliscreen X on the lock screen.  However, I am not a big user of Siri, but I find myself going to settings and turning off Do Not Disturb quite a bit. Now users can just hold down the Home button and speak a command to their phone. Personally, I like it and might find myself using Siri a little more now. Who knows, I might find myself venturing off to AssistantLove as well

The tweak has just been released on Cydia for free. Let me know what you all think. Here is a short video demonstrating Crescent, enjoy!

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