ZodTTD Updates gpSPhone Emulator With Support For iOS 7.1.x

gpsPhone 8.4.0

The popular Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, gpSPhone, has been updated to version 8.4.0. ZodTTD has released an updated version of gpSPhone that supports iOS 7.1.x. gpSPhone is a Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that lets you play Game Boy Advance titles like Super Mario, Harvest Moon, Zelda, Pokemon […]

Control Music Playback From The Lockscreen Using Gestures With The Lock Music Cydia Tweak


A new tweak was released on the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo today called Lock Music that allows you to control music playback on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with gestures on the lockscreen. There is 5 gestures in total that include: Slide Up: Volume Up Slide Down: Volume Down Slide Left: Previous Song Slide […]

How To: Install GpSPhone 8 Beta On iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad To Play Gameboy Advance ROMs [VIDEO]


Yesterday we reported that none other than ZodTTD would be making a comeback to the Jailbreaking community and would be finally reviving popular emulators like GpSPhone, N64iOS and PSX4iOS. Today ZodTTD has announced the birth of his public beta testing repository where anyone can test his latest emulators without having to pay a dime. The […]

Will There Ever Be A Functional Nintendo 64 Emulator For iOS?

ZodTTD Logo

I am a big fan of emulators running on iOS. Thanks to ZodTTD, “that being who makes emulators on the iPhone”; it is possible to play Super Nintendo (with snes4iphone), PlayStation (through psx4iphone) and even Sega Genesis – using the genesis4iphone app – on a jailbroken device. But, what about Nintendo 64? I don’t know […]

The State Of Advertising On Cydia Repositories (And Jay Freeman’s Response To Our Cysource Article)


iJailbreak published an article on New Years eve about Cysource, an ambitious new Cydia repository which currently includes a speedy 24-hour wait for tweaks to be uploaded, support for user comments, and a total lack of advertisement. As someone who is sick of seeing borderline pornographic we were excited to hear about another ad-free repository, though […]

Timer Options Cydia Tweak Allows For Setting Timed Events Through Activator


Activator is one of the most useful tweaks in Cydia because it is an expandable system for launching other apps and tweaks. We recently featured an iJailbreak Toolkit for Activator plugins and extensions, but more tweaks are available to expand Activator’s raw functionality every day. The Tweak: Timer Options is a tweak that sets timed actions […]

SMSOptions Pro Allows For Deleting All SMS Messages, Hiding Posts, And Automatic Replies [Cydia Tweak]


Be honest: how often do you make voice calls with your cell phone compared to texts? Texts are easy to send and they can be read discretely at any time. Aside from voice calls, they are the only form of communication guaranteed to work between (almost) any cell phone. So why is the iPhone’s native […]

HUD Pro Shows Battery Life And Wifi Info Alongside Volume HUD [Cydia Tweak]


Playing a game and you want to check on your battery life? You could pull down Notification Center–or pause your game and lock your device–but that would interrupt your flow of play. The tweak: The solution to this problem, at least from the developer ‘Daniel Taub’, is called HUD Pro. HUD Pro is a MobileSubstrate […]

Cydia-SearchNC Is A Notification Center Widget That Allows Searches Through Cydia


If you are a fan of tweaks and homebrew applications featured on iJailbreak, you might be interested in a faster way to track down the featured Cydia packages. Cydia-SearchNC makes searching for Cydia packages as convienant as possible by placing a search bar in the notifications pane. All you need to do is type the […]

ZodTTD Releases N64ios 0.9.0 (N64 Emulator) For iPhone And iPod Touch, Supports iOS 5 [Cydia]


ZodTTD released an updated version of his N64 emulator on Cydia today, now dubbed n64ios. If you’re itching to play original N64 games in your pocket, keep in mind this is an early release. n64ios, at this point in time, is more of a tech demo of what ZodTTD’s emulator can do more than it is […]