JailbreakCon (WWJC) 2013 Taking Place Today, Don’t Forget To Tune Into The Livestream


The WWJC (World Wide JailbreakCon) otherwise known as JailbreakCon is taking place right now at the Radison Hotel in New York, about 30 minutes from Manhatten. Over the last two years of JailbreakCon influential characters in the Jailbreaking community such as Pod2G and Saurik have been present and this year will be no different. The confirmed […]

The JailbreakCon 2013 Speaker List Has Been Posted And Tickets Can Now Be Purchased

The official venue for the WWJC (World Wide JailbreakCon) 2013 was announced near the end of April for the Radison Hotel inNew York and now the official schedule has been released along with speakers. Over the last two years of JailbreakCon influential characters in the Jailbreaking community such as Pod2G and Saurik have been present and this […]

WWJC 2013 (Worldwide JailbreakCon) Will Take Place August 23rd/24th In New York


The first and only Jailbreaking conference, WWJC (Worldwide JailbreakCon), has taken place the last two years and has been a great way for fellow Jailbreakers and developers to connect. It first started in London, then moved to San Francisco — where iJailbreak was live to provide coverage — and has now just been announced to […]

The World Wide Jailbreaking Convention (JailbreakCon 2012) Overview [Feature]


What happens when you put some of the greatest minds in the Jailbreaking community together for one whole day? Well, you get the World Wide Jailbreaking Convention, or JailbreakCon for short. A convention solely dedicated to the Jailbreaking Community, where everyone comes together for various workshops, presentations and of course just to mingle and have […]

Here Is Where You Can Find Most Of The JailbreakCon 2012 Speaker Presentation Slides


JailbreakCon 2012, otherwise known as the World Wide Jailbreaking Convention, took place today and the iJailbreak team was present to bring you guys a live blog of the action. In case you guys missed out on JailbreakCon or simply want to re-cap on what was shared during some of the presentations, you will be glad […]

Saurik Talks At JailbreakCon 2012 And Shares Some Impressive Stats Like $8 Million Paid To Developers Every Year


Jay Freeman, otherwise known by his alias Saurik, took the stage at JailbreakCon 2012 (WWJC) today and instead of simply repeating a similar style of speech to the one he gave last year at MyGreatFest (the predecessor to JailbreakCon) he decided to go a radically different direction. Saurik ended up largely trying to explain why […]

NitoTV Talks About The 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak At JailbreakCon 2012


NitoTV walked off the stage not too long ago at JailbreakCon 2012 and for those who have not been following along with our liveblog, we want to bring to your attention some updates with the status of the 1080p Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. Unfortunately, just like the iOS 6 and iPhone 5, no Jailbreak was demoed […]

There Will Be No iOS 6 Or iPhone 5 Jailbreak Announced At JailbreakCon 2012


If you have been following our JailbreakCon 2012 (WWJC) liveblog then you will realize hacker Pod2G was up on stage not too long ago. During Pod2G’s presentation he went over some of the technical aspects of the most recent untethered iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak, and even touched on the future of Jailbreaking. Unfortunately Pod2G noted that […]

JailbreakCon 2012 (World Wide Jailbreaking Convention) Liveblog


The WWJC (World Wide Jailbreaking Convention), otherwise known as JailbreakCon 2012 is North America’s first convention dedicated solely to Jailbreaking. Last year JailbreakCon was known as MyGreatFest, and took place in London, England. With the massive success it saw however, its founder Craig Fox decided to the event overseas to reach a larger audience. Today […]

Here’s How To Watch JailbreakCon 2012 (WWJC) Live Tomorrow


If you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and have not head what is going on this weekend I would be surprised. JailbreakCon 2012 – the biggest Jailbreaking event, and the first Jailbreaking event of the year  – is taking place in San Francisco. A majority of the head figures in the Jailbreaking […]