How To: Install ClockworkMod Recovery And Root Galaxy S2 i9100 [GUIDE]

Chainfire has made a solution that allows Galaxy S2 users to gain root access on the XXLPQ firmware. XDA Developers’ member CF-Root also brings BusyBox, ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSU support. For those who don’t know, rooting gives one the power to customize your device. Although it technically voids the warranty, you can revert back to stock firmware to restore it.

Root Galaxy S II i9100 And Flash ClockworkMod Recovery [GUIDE]

The method works on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100. If applied on other variants it may lead to loss or damage of the device. It is recommended to charge the battery up to at least 85% for the process to go smoothly. You should follow the guide at your own risk, as iJailbreak won’t be responsible for any damages faced. Furthermore, backup all the important files on the handset before proceeding towards the instructions.

Instructions For Rooting And Installing ClockworkMod Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Step 1: Download CF-Root Kernel (link) and Odin3 v1.83 (link) on your PC.

Step 2: Extract the CF-Root ‘.zip’ file to any preferred folder on the computer. The result will be a ‘.tar.md5’ file.

Step 3: Switch off the device.

Step 4: Open Odin3 on your PC.

Step 5: Boot the device into Download Mode by pressing and holding down the Power, Home and Volume Down buttons together. A ‘warning message will appear on the screen. Press the Volume Up key to continue into Download Mode.

Step 6: Connect the device to your PC. Odin is going to display an ‘Added!’ message on the screen in the bottom left message box, which means the device was successfully detected. If no such message appears, the drivers may not have been installed correctly and you should try re-installing them.

Step 7: Select ‘PDA’ button in Odin, and locate the extracted ‘.tar.md5’ file and select it.

Step 8: Confirm that ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F.Reset time’ are checked in Odin, while all the other boxes are unchecked.

Step 9: Select the ‘Start’ button in Odin to begin the flashing process. Once the process completes, Odin will display a ‘PASS!’ message in green in the upper left box.

Your Galaxy S2 is rooted and has ClockworkMod Recovery and BusyBox installed on the XXLPQ firmware. If you don’t see a ‘PASS!’ message in step number 9, close Odin and switch off the device. Now remove the back cover of your Galaxy S2 and remove the battery. Wait for 3-5 seconds and re-insert the battery again. Now repeat the procedure from step 5 where you entered Download Mode. Leave any questions in the comments.

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  1. will this work on the sprint Samsung galaxy s2 sph-d710

  2. It may damage your device. We mentioned not to try the guide on any other models except the GT-I9100

  3. It works on isc 4.0.3?

  4. Does it works on isc 4.0.3!?

  5. Hi guys I have flashed as per the guide and got a pass but when I reboot (vol down home power) I do not get any menu options just the downloading do not turn off target screen. Top left is
    odin mode
    Product Name: GT-i9100
    Custom binary downoad: yes (1 counts)
    Current Binary: Custom

    Having never done it before am I missing something or has it not completed as expected?
    Cheer SM

    FYI when I boot the phone normally I get a Yellow ! symbol on the initial Samsung splash screen phone proceeds to boot normally.

  6. I have tried searching for this but no luck. I am currently running CM9 on my sgs2. I made a full backup via recovery. I have root access, etc.

    If I flash with the leaked official JB update for the sgs2 then I will be on stock with no root, etc.

    So if i decide that Official JB is not my thing and want to go back to my current setup of CM9, would I just boot to the default recovery and Install the backup I previously made? Or will I have to find a root for the JB, flash cwm recovery and then install the backup?

  7. after doing these all there is no restart only seen downloading window showing warning image ?

  8. Abdurrahman says:

    will it work on gti19100 running 2.3.3 ?

  9. Abdurrahman says:

    you piece of shit you bricked my phone !!!

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