This Is The Best Android Theme For Your Jailbroken iOS 6.x iPhone Or iPod Touch

For a long time it has been some user’s holy grail to install Google Android on an iOS device, and the only time this has ever been fulfilled was in 2008, just for the iPhone 3G and and iPhone 2G. Disappointingly, nothing has come out for newer iPhones since, and certainly not Android ICS or Jelly Bean. Since then, many hackers and developers have produced Android themes, but none of them have been that realistic. But here is a possible Android substitute in the form of a theme, and it looks very promising.

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Name: Android 4 ICS UI

A fantastic tweak for your newly jailbroken iOS 6 device is a very noteworthy Android theme for iOS called ‘Android 4 ICS UI’. It is not compatible with the iPad sadly and there is also a very major drawback to this theme; it is only compatible to Retina display devices, meaning that only the iPod Touch 4th generation / iPhone 4  and higher are supported. This theme does not only cover what is expected of a theme, but also the user interface inside many stock applications that come with your iOS device.

The Best Android Theme For Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPad

This includes new notifications, as well as pop-up messages which you can dismiss or reply to. It very much seems like the real deal of Android 4.0! Not to mention it also includes widgets like the Google Search and the clock below. I also believe you can have a calendar widget for your home page. Surprisingly, this theme also includes a launcher for all of your apps, just like in Android 4.

The Best Android Theme For Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPad

All in all, this looks very similar to the real Android OS made by Google, although there are some parts that may take a bit of time to configure. The only flaw with this awesome tweak, is the compatibility. It doesn’t even work on iPads, or the iPhone 3GS. Although iPhone 3GS owners and iPad owners are the minority in the jailbreak community, this is still a lot of people to be missing out on, one of them being me! But I have been able to run this tweak through a friend’s iPhone 4S and it worked beautifully, I would definitely recommend downloading!

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  1. Evasi0n 1.1 is released ;)

  2. JadenEllett says:

    Thank you for your tip!

  3. does this change the lockscreen and such?

  4. How much of the interface does this actually change?

  5. This doesn’t work for me… Help?

  6. It didnt work for me either :-/

  7. Not fully working for me either. Maybe its an iPhone 4s/4 theme cause I only get maybe half of its uses working. Lock screen, Dial interface, Messages.The Calculator, springboard(icons n etc) are not working. Basically the pictures posted in this post aren’t working for me IDK if me or what.

  8. Fred Hill says:

    Thanks for that, I think it may not include the iPhone 5 either, but I am sure the theme will be updated soonish so keep on checking!

  9. Fred Hill says:

    It should change most features

  10. Fred Hill says:


  11. have any ideas why it only changes the lock screen and some of the apps like the calculator and such for me then?

  12. This theme didn’t change much of anything on my I4 with 6.1.

  13. Samehere. Didn’t make any springboard changes.

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