A Look At Some Upcoming iOS 7 Themes

When the iOS 7 Jailbreak is released you might be able to expect an influx of themes due to the fact that there seem to be so many disputes with how iOS 7 should have been designed. One theme that you can be sure to expect to be available for your iPhone and iPod Touch when the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak is released is UltraFlat.

UltraFlat is a theme currently being worked on by a member of the MacRumors Forum who goes by the name of Cobbyco.

I was thinking to myself about the icons in iOS 7, and I realized how flat they are now in comparison to iOS 6. However, I still thought that Apple could have gone flatter and still made it look good. After all, the icons found in Siri and Settings are very flat, mostly consisting of a plain background and a white image.

I wanted to see what the iOS 7 icons would look like in that style (no gradients/textures etc.) so inevitably I opened up MS paint and had a go at it.

The result is what you can see in the screenshots shown below.

UltraFlat iOS 7 Theme

UltraFlat iOS 7 WinterBoard Theme

A couple of things to note are that the icons indeed make use of iOS 7′s Icon Grid System, they still use iOS 7′s color scheme and it is going to be a free theme.

I’ve decided that I will be making this into a free Cydia theme for all iOS 7 devices (when the OS gets jailbroken). There will be alternative icons (if you request them) that will override the standard set of icons, such as a Safari icon without the border. Don’t forget, I’ve still yet to finalize all the icons so I will be making small changes where needed/requested.

Considering all of the icons are made in Microsoft Paint this is a very impressive theme. It reminds me of a theme I shared awhile back called FlatIcons.

Yet another work in progress theme for when iOS 7 is Jailbroken is called Shaow-ee Icons by Tim Vijn.

Shaow-ee Icons

The theme is very unique in how it utilizes shadows as a large portion of the app icon, which creates a very cool 3D-looking effect thanks to Parallax.

Shaow-ee Icons Theme

I am personally holding out for a dark theme like the UI in the FaceTime app, but applied system wide. What about you guys? Are you looking forward to theming when the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak is released? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • deborinquen

    I’d love to see a “Classic” theme. iOS 7 is ugly as barf.

  • The Truth

    The reason why everybody “hates” iOS 7 is because people are ignorant, stupid, and simple. When people can’t keep up with technology, they start to hate and criticize it. A perfect example of this is iOS 7.

  • idiots

    this is stupid how is going back to 1995 icons better technology??

  • The Truth

    Says the person who goes by the name “idiots”.

  • SoulEater17

    I thought saurik said theming might not be posible in ios 7?

  • mins

    If it is ultra flat… why camera icon has that stupid orange stripes?

  • macaddict2007

    When I update to iOS7, it will be WITH a jailbreak. The 1st thing I will do is look for an iOS6 3-D icon theme. These new icons look like Mac System 7!

  • Tom Ellis

    You are correct. He said that he needed iOS Theme creators to let him know what he needed to change/update in Winterboard otherwise he was not going to mess with it. I do not know if Theme Creators have responded or not, but they also might not know either until they can get a hold of a Jailbreak in iOS7. So who knows what is going to happen.

  • Rash

    ios7 settings gives too much glare at nights makes you unware of your soroundings a grey theme whould be better the white background makes it too bright for the eyes

  • Filippo Contardi

    I SO don’t like it. I mean, it’s an impressive job, especially because it’s made with paint, but.. It looks like it’s made with paint. Some iOS 7 icons are ugly because of that, IMHO. For example, iOS7 Settings icon is great, while this is…Paint-ish