Four New Useful Notification Center / Dashboard X Widgets For You To Try Out


Ever since I bought Dashboard X I have been addicted to trying to find the best widgets on Cydia for my iPhone. Dashboard X is a Cydia tweak that allows you to place Notification Center widgets anywhere on your home screen or on a special widgets page that can be brought up with an Activator action. […]

iWidgets Cydia Tweak Adds HTML Widgets To The SpringBoard


iWidgets isn’t the only plugin available in Cydia that adds widgets to the home screen, but when compared to Dashboard X it does have the distinction of allowing those plugins to be written in HTML. iWidgets is actually a tweaked version of wyndwarrior’s earlier PerPageHTML plugin; though iWidgets provides more flexibility and control to both […]

MJSmash LSSB Widget Adds Weather To The Lockscreen, For iPhone And iPod Touch


Weather widgets are handy when you’re starting your day, and you’re not sure what sort of weather you will be facing. The default weather widget is serviceable in iOS 5, but weather alerts are better suited to the lock screen than the notifications pane. Weather notifications can be as important as time, and shouldn’t be […]

Dashboard X 2.0 Hits Cydia Store; Introduces Scaling For Widgets, New iPad GUI


Dashboard X is a Cydia tweak that places Notification Center widgets on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch’s SpringBoard. Dashboard X has been updated to version 2.0, which is a complete rewrite of Dashboard X’s code base. The change includes smart support for all screen orientations, two finger pinch resizing for widgets, new animations, and a […]

Add Apps, Widgets And Customize Your iOS Lockscreen With The AnyLock Cydia Tweak


Lockscreen customization tweaks are available in the masses for a jailbroken iOS device. In fact, a tweak called LockWeb was even released into Cydia that adds a fully functionally web browser to the lockscreen. Here’s another tweak that will let you add your favorite apps and widgets to the lockscreen and make it more functional. […]

Search For People, Pages, And Groups On Facebook From Notification Center With FacebookNC [Cydia]


Facebook is a convenient way to stay in touch with new acquaintances, but finding people on Facebook could always be easier. FacebookNC is a search widget for Notification Center that removes more friction when adding people on Facebook. Instead of firing up the Facebook app and fiddling with the app’s simplified search function, FacebookNC lets […]

Cydia-SearchNC Is A Notification Center Widget That Allows Searches Through Cydia


If you are a fan of tweaks and homebrew applications featured on iJailbreak, you might be interested in a faster way to track down the featured Cydia packages. Cydia-SearchNC makes searching for Cydia packages as convienant as possible by placing a search bar in the notifications pane. All you need to do is type the […]

Quick Player For Notification Center Adds iPod Music Control Widget [Cydia]


Quick Player For Notification Center isn’t the only Notification Center widget for music controls, but it is another option. The benefit of having music controls in the Notification Center is that the access is instant. When using the music controls on the app switcher dock, you have to tap the home button twice (which can […]

iOS 6 Twitter Widget For Notification Center Available On Cydia For iOS 5


iOS 5’s Twitter integration is a little odd. So many apps and features will allow you to post content directly to Twitter, but the operating does not provide a native method of sending regular tweets. iOS 6 solves the issue with a tap to tweet bar, allowing you to tweet from any page just by […]

Dashtweet Is A Free Twitter Widget For Dashboard X On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [Cydia]


iOS 5’s Twitter integration is somewhat underwhelming by default. It allows you to send tweets with attachments within apps, but it doesn’t provide a quick way of sharing an unaccompanied tweet. What if you have something you need to share quickly? Dashtweet is a Dashboard X widget which places a Twitter bar on your home […]