iWidgets Cydia Tweak Adds HTML Widgets To The SpringBoard

iWidgets isn’t the only plugin available in Cydia that adds widgets to the home screen, but when compared to Dashboard X it does have the distinction of allowing those plugins to be written in HTML. iWidgets is actually a tweaked version of wyndwarrior’s earlier PerPageHTML plugin; though iWidgets provides more flexibility and control to both users and developers.

Widgets in iWidgets can have great style and animation, but don’t have the raw functionality of Widgets in Dashboard X.

So what’s the main difference between PerPageHTML and iWidgets? In PerPageHTML widgets were restricted to preset placements (these could be edited through in a config file, but that was a pain); you could set which page to put a widget on, but that was about it. PerPageHTML also limited HTML widgets to one per page. With iWidgets, you can wiggle and drag as many widgets as you want to different page placements, though you can’t resize them.

iWidgets comes with two widgets by default: One for a clock and another for a calendar. The clock widget looks like it was made for a pre-Retina device, but the calendar widget looks fine. If you want more widgets, you can install them by dropping the widget folder into “/private/var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/”. It seems to use tweaked versions of PerPageHTML’s widgets, some of which can be found in this thread. Hopefully we will see iWidget-compatible widgets available in Cydia.

Where to manually install Widgets. You can use SSH or iFile to move Widgets to the proper location.

When compared to Dashboard X, iWidgets is missing a few key features. iWidgets does not include a method for resizing widgets, nor does it include support for native notification center widgets. One of the weaknesses of HTML widgets is that they can not currently launch apps; they’re not as interactive and seem to be self-contained. The advantage is that iWidgets is freely available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through the ModMyi repository on Cydia while Dashboard X is a paid plugin.

Keep in mind that if you are using Dashboard X alongside iWidgets, they use the same “hold a finger on the springboard’ method for adding widgets, you will have to disable iWidgets to add Dashboard X widgets. There is no settings folder, so you’ll have to manually disable the plugin through SBSettings -> More -> Mobile Substrate AddOns. Make sure you re-enable iWidgets through Mobile Substrate Addons, especially if you decide to delete iWidgets.

What’s your opinion of SpringBoard widgets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  2. hello, im new in this case and i dont know how to find this in my i phone 4….. i have it in my phone but i cant fint it…can somebody help me????? thanks…..

  3. Michael Schnier says:

    My neighbors in Parliament are a little rowdy, bit overall it’s a nice town.

  4. Tap and hold any empty space on your springboard, the iwidgets selection menu will appear. To move or delete widgets do as you would to move or delete an app on your springboard.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am spinning round n round trying to make this work on my iPad 2 running 5.1.1,,,,so I thought “well heck, maybe it doesn’t work for the iPad ” soooooo lol can someone please tell if I am wasting time ? I disabled dashboardx in the sbsettings and when I try to add a widget what pops up are the widgets for dashboardx and yes I rebooted when I disabled dshbrdx. I appreciate any feedback :D

  6. Andrew Cottam says:

    where do you get the HTC flipclock iwidget from.

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