Here’s A Prototype Of Philips Hue Notification Center Widget For iOS 8


During Apple’s keynote at WWDC this week, the company spoke a little about their new HomeKit SDK for home automation. Using the HomeKit SDK developers could make their accessories listen to commands through Siri, create easy to use Notification Center widgets and more. Apple’s iOS 8 SDK will give developers access to around 4000 API’s. […]

Here’s An iOS 7 Concept That Brings Actions To Notification Center [VIDEO]


We love looking at and telling you about new concepts for a better iOS experience. Today, there’s another new iOS 7 concept, which imagines a Notification Center with actions. Apple introduced the Notification Center in iOS 5 and it has been improved in iOS 6, but if you want more out of your Notification Center, […]

Fade Cydia Tweak Makes Interface Elements Fade Away When You Pull Down Notification Center


There are dozens of Cydia tweaks for the Notification Center, but how many of them make the iOS interface look simpler and less cluttered? Fade is a Cydia tweak that makes interface elements fade away and turn transparent as you pull down the Notification Center pane. The Tweak: The interface elements Fade affects include pretty much everything on the […]

New Notification Center Concept Refines Notification Center To Better Fit With Apple’s Guidelines


I’ve never had a problem with the stock Notification Center. I made the switch happily from Notified Pro when I upgraded to iOS 5 and never looked back. While I like having plugins in the Notification Center, I never felt it needed a major overhaul. That was until I saw this concept. Designer Alex Saretzky noticed that […]

BlurriedNCBackground 3.0 Fixes Bugs, Adds iPad Support, Improves Performance [Cydia Tweak]


Philippe, the developer behind numerous iOS interface tweaks, has just updated BlurriedNCBackground with a complete overhaul of the original code. This rewrite adds features such as full support for the iPad’s notification pane and a simpler preferences panel, while it supposedly fixes the memory leaks found in the previous version, improving performance. The Tweak: If […]

Ostium Screen Splitting Animation For Notification Center Features iOS 6 Support, Custom Wallpaper, ‘Gangnam Style Mode’ [Cydia Tweak]


Ostium is a somewhat unfortunately named Cydia tweak that modifies the way the Notifications Center pane opens in iOS. Ordinarily you pull the pane down from the top of the screen. With the Ostium tweak installed, you can split the screen in half with two fingers–like a pair of automatic doors, with the notifications center appearing in […]

Bulletin Pro Cydia Tweak Is The King Of Notification Center And Banner Customization


Bulletin Pro is a tweak available in Cydia that lets you heavily customize the look, size and functionality of the Notifications Center and banners. This is probably the king of all Notification Center customization tweaks out there, because it lets you change so many things. Firstly, this tweak lets you change the look of the […]

NCBrotips For Notification Center Notifies You On What A Bro Should Know [CYDIA]


I reflexively dislike most things that contains the word “bro” that aren’t of the Super Mario variety, but I don’t hate Brotips: Brotips is a daily Tumblr blog that spouts general advice in a big letters on an image that range from genuine to humorous. Thanks to a new Notification Center plugin, redundantly named NCBrotips […]

iRSS Widget For Notification Center Versus RSSwidget [Cydia]


RSS readers are useful programs that can read special web pages and display the content as lists. Usually such technology is used in newsreader apps, which collect feeds generated by websites. Those feeds allow readers to track updates. (For example, here is ijailbreak’s RSS feed.) RSS feeds can also be used to follow forum conversations, […]

Search For People, Pages, And Groups On Facebook From Notification Center With FacebookNC [Cydia]


Facebook is a convenient way to stay in touch with new acquaintances, but finding people on Facebook could always be easier. FacebookNC is a search widget for Notification Center that removes more friction when adding people on Facebook. Instead of firing up the Facebook app and fiddling with the app’s simplified search function, FacebookNC lets […]