How To: Unlock Bootloader On HTC One V [GUIDE]

HTC One V owners are required to unlock the bootloader of their device before they can go on to install custom recoveries and ROMs. This guide is being written for this purpose. Keep in mind however, that unlocking the bootloader is going to void the warranty of the device.

You should note the steps in this guide are only applicable to the HTC One V and not on other HTC variants. Make sure you charge the battery properly to prevent the device from shutting down during the process as well. As you’re going to lose your personal data, it’s recommended to create a backup through free applications. Please note we won’t take responsibility or pay any damages if anything unfortunate happens.

How To Unlock Bootloader On HTC One V

HTC One V Unlock Bootloader For Customizing The Device – Instructions

Step 1: Download HTC Sync (link) and Fastboot package (link) to your PC.

Step 2: Extracted the Fastboot ‘.zip’ file downloaded from the previous step to any folder.

Step 3: Head over to the HTC’s Development page (link) and create an account over there. Use this account to login.

Step 4: Next, head over the HTC’s Unlock Bootloader page (link).

Step 5: Select ‘all other supported models’ from the list of supported devices.

Step 6: Select ‘Begin Unlock Bootloader’ and when a warning sign appears, select ‘Yes’. You’ll now be presented with on-screen instructions. Follow them.

Step 7: Switch off the device and reboot into Bootloader mode by pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time. (In this mode, use Volume keys for navigation and the Power button to select any option).

Step 8: From the Bootloader menu, choose the ‘Fastboot’ option.

Step 9: Connect the device to the computer with the help of a USB cable.

Step 10: On your Windows computer open the ‘command prompt’ window and navigate it to the place where the Fastboot program resides. Windows 7 users can launch the desired folder, press the right mouse button and shift key in any location to open up a menu. Over here, the command prompt can be launched by selecting ‘Open Command Window Here’ from the menu.

Step 11: To check the successful connection of the device to the computer, check if the serial number is displayed on the screen by typing fastboot devices in the command prompt window.

Step 12: Next, enter fastboot oem get_identifier_token in the command prompt window. The Token ID of the device will be displayed.

Step 13: Copy this Token ID from the line <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> till <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>. To do this, right-click on the command prompt window. From the menu that appears, choose ‘Mark’ and highlight the Token ID. Now copy it with a right click.

Step 14: Submit the token ID on HTC’s Development page. Now in your email you’re going to receive the file ‘Unlock code bin’ after some time. More instructions will also be added to the email.

Step 15: Head back to the command prompt window and type fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin and press the Enter key.

Step 16: Your device will receive a request for unlocking the bootloader. Highlight ‘Yes’ with the Volume keys and select it with the Power button.

Step 17: After an automatic reboot your device is going to perform a factory reset.

Step 18: Reboot the phone into the Bootloader mode. If the word ‘Unlocked’ appears on the top of the menu the process was completed with success.

That’s it. You’ve done a great job, and your HTC One V has been successfully unlocked. Now you can install all types of custom ROMs and recoveries. Feel free to leave comments below if you have any further questions or thoughts.

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