Gotofail SSL Bug Also Affects Mac Apps Like Mail, Messages And FaceTime


Yesterday we told you about the worrisome SSL bug that affected both iOS and Mac. Of course Apple has already patched the bug, nicknamed Gotofail, on iOS but on the Mac the bug is still prevalent when using Safari. At first it was thought this bug only applied when users were browsing the net through [...]

Apple Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With New Webpage

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It has been nearly thirty years since Apple introduced the original Macintosh computer to the world and the company has just launched a new webpage to celebrate the milestone. This website is essentially an interactive timeline, which highlights some of the people who have had a large impact on the development of the Mac over [...]

Check Out The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 4.0 [Deals]

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they did! For a limited time iJailbreak is offering The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 4.0! With this Mac bundle you can pay whatever price you want to get three awesome Mac applications that include Camerabag 2, Chronicle 5, Folx Pro, and Elite Keylogger Pro. If you decide to pay [...]

Unlock Your Mac Utilizing Your iPhone 5S’ TouchID Sensor With BioUnlock

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A new upcoming TouchID Cydia tweak will make all Mac owners who don’t have an iPhone 5S, head down to the Apple store after reading this article. A new Cydia tweak is being developed called BioUnlock from Eric Castro that will let you unlock your Mac utilizing nothing more than your iPhone’s TouchID fingerprint sensor. You simply [...]

How To: Get The iOS 7 Lockscreen On Your Mac


When Apple released OS X Mavericks it made it clear that it was in no way rushing to make both its mobile and desktop operating systems uniform in terms of design. Regardless there are always ways to customize your Mac yourself if you would like it to resemble the design style of iOS 7. This [...]

The Mac Pro Gets The Teardown Treatment And A High Repairability Score


With the Mac Pro being released the folks over at iFixit have finally given it the teardown treatment to take a peek at its internal components and of course to determine its repairability score. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? The new Mac Pro’s cylindrical casing is easily removed by simply toggling the rear [...]

This Is What OS X 11 Could Look Like If It Were iOS 7-ified


It is no question that Apple continues to push iOS features to Mac such as Maps, Reminders and iBooks, but one thing that hasn’t made the jump from mobile is the minimalistic design that encompasses iOS 7. So just what would iOS 7 look like on a Mac? Well if you have ever asked yourself [...]

Mac Pro Now Available To Order, But Shipping Times Slip Till February

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Yesterday we announced that Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro would officially launch and sure enough today it is available to order through the company’s online stores, retail stores and select authorized Apple retailers. Unfortunately if you were thinking about buying one online within December you will be disappointed to find out that availability has already slipped [...]

Let Us Hook You Up With The Black Friday Mac Bundle [Deals]

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It’s getting to be that time again! With Black Friday just around the corner iJailbreak has assembled the Black Friday Mac Bundle where you can get 11 insanely useful Mac Apps for only pennies on the dollar. Our bundles are exclusively constructed and are made for anyone looking to discover the best apps around the [...]

Apple Updates Both iWork And iLife Suite, Free For Any New Mac Or iOS Device


Apple announced today that OS X Mavericks would be a free update and that all future Mac updates would also be such. Also in regards to software Apple dedicated some time to talk about its iLife and iWork suite. If you remember correctly we previously shared with you leaked redesigned icons so this was not [...]