Clear Badges: A New Cydia Tweak That Helps Clear SpringBoard Badges

Clear Badges Cydia Tweak iJailbreak

About two hours ago, a new tweak was added to Cydia to help manage badges on your SpringBoard icons. It is true that there are currently tweaks available on Cydia to help clear those annoying red badges, but they usually clear all of the badges on your SpringBoard, which is not ideal. For me, I […]

How To: Place Applications Inside The Newsstand App And More Without Jailbreaking


We have been seeing a lot of SpringBoard hacks lately appearing that allow you to do things Apple never intended you to be able to do without Jailbreaking. This includes being able to make the Newsstand application completely disappear and also change your carrier logo to an image of your choice. Now a new SpringBoard […]

CenterBadges Cydia Tweak Centers Badge Notifications In SpringBoard Apps


I like a little asymmetry in software design. There’s a reason we have buttons to close or expand windows at the corners of the screen and not in the middle–but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Naturally there isn’t a menu built into iOS for tweaking the interface, so if you want to center, say, the […]

Fade Cydia Tweak Makes Interface Elements Fade Away When You Pull Down Notification Center


There are dozens of Cydia tweaks for the Notification Center, but how many of them make the iOS interface look simpler and less cluttered? Fade is a Cydia tweak that makes interface elements fade away and turn transparent as you pull down the Notification Center pane. The Tweak: The interface elements Fade affects include pretty much everything on the […]

InstaSafe Is A Home Page Safemode Button [Cydia]


While Cydia tweaks can provide usability and customization beyond what Apple allows for in the App Store, there are some apps that won’t run with certain tweaks in the background. Instead of disabling each of your tweaks individually every time you want to use FaceTime, for example, you can activate Safe Mode: which is a […]

Useful Things Is A Cydia Tweak For Customizing The SpringBoard


Cydia tweaks that combine features from multiple free tweaks can be incredible time savers, especially if you restore your iPhone or iPad frequently. The problem is these tweaks need to implement their features intelligently, or else they become more trouble than they are worth. Useful Things is a Cydia tweak that combine many SpringBoard UI […]

PageNumbers Cydia Tweak Replaces SpringBoard’s Page Dots With Numbers


The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch share an impeccably designed operating system. The problem is that sometimes Apple’s designers pick form over function. While the page dots on the SpringBoard look great, if you have a lot of pages then the dots become less useful. Those wasted moments are a barrier to learning which page […]

How To: Add A Live Weather Icon To Your SpringBoard With MinimalWeather Hack [No Jailbreak Required]


If you just stumbled upon you would probably think it is just your average weather site. The kind of site that simply tells you the current weather and temperature from your location. If you look under the covers however, and really get down to the bottom of then you will realize it is more than […]

Aicon Is A Cydia Tweak That Applies Effects To Springboard Icons


My biggest criticism of even the best WinterBoard theme is that everything looks good, until you find that the icon for one of your favorite apps isn’t supported. When that happens, you have a sore thumb sticking out from an otherwise slick theme. While Aicon won’t always be the perfect solution to calming down unruly […]

HomeSpringPage Cydia Tweak Will Add A Blank Page To Your SpringBoard


Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to make a blank page on your SpringBoard (homescreen)? Well, if you have then you will be glad to know that with the HomeSpringPage Cydia tweak you can do just this! What the HomeSpringPage Cydia tweak actually does is makes the first page on your SpringBoard blank. […]