How To: Place Applications Inside The Newsstand App And More Without Jailbreaking

We have been seeing a lot of SpringBoard hacks lately appearing that allow you to do things Apple never intended you to be able to do without Jailbreaking. This includes being able to make the Newsstand application completely disappear and also change your carrier logo to an image of your choice. Now a new SpringBoard hack has been discovered that allows you to do some interesting things such as place an unlimited amount of applications inside the Newsstand folder. With this same hack you can also place the Newsstand app inside a folder to hide it or even place folders within folders (mind you they crash upon being opened).

Like a lot of these SpringBoard hacks, unfortunately everything returns to normal after you reboot your device, but for those that do not turn off their devices much, this could be of interest to you. This specific hack was originally discovered by Videosdebarraquito, which was later tweaked by others and passed along to us.


Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is place the Newsstand app on the second home screen page and then the apps you want to place in the Newsstand app on the third home screen page.

Step 2) – Now this is the important step, so re-read it a couple of times. What you will need to do is press the Home button once. Doing this will take you back to the first homescreen page. The key is however, AS SOON AS YOU PRESS THE HOME BUTTON tap and hold the icon you want to place in the Newsstand app. Your finger needs to be on the app’s icon before you start being redirected to the first homescreen page. ONCE YOU START BEING DIRECTED TO THE FIRST HOMESCREEN PAGE without lifting your finger off the screen swipe to the left.

Step 3) – If you did the steps correctly you will be in wiggle mode and on the second home screen page. You will now need to simply open the Newsstand app and press the home button. You should now see the app of choice inside the Newsstand app.

If you did not get success try it a few times. The entire process does take some getting used to, but after you have had success a couple times you should be able to do it almost every time. Keep in mind that there is two ways to take applications out of the Newsstand. Either reboot your device, this unfortunately takes all the apps out of the Newsstand, or tap and hold on the app’s icon you want to remove from the Newsstand and just before it is about to enter wiggle mode press the home button. Surprisingly you can also remove any Newspapers or Magazines this ways as well.


There is actually a couple variations of this hack that you can use to do other things such as place the Newsstand app inside a folder to hide it or place folders within folders. To do either or (as the Newsstand is essentially a folder) you will need to place the Newsstand app on the third home screen page and have a folder on the second home screen page. Then just repeat from Step 2 in the instructions above. The only limitation to this is that you cannot actually open the Newsstand or a folder within a folder as the SpringBoard will just crash. The nice thing about doing this however, is it is easy to take the folder or Newsstand out, you just use the same process for taking an application out of a folder.

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  1. Mustafa12332 says:

    There is another trick where you can get out the newsstand magazines to homescreen
    1-press and hold the home button and hold the magazine on the same time
    2- quickly before the wiggling starts stop pressing the home button
    3- you will see the big magazine in your homescreen!!!

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