Say Hello To Cortana, Microsoft’s Answer To Siri [VIDEO]


Today, Microsoft unveiled the much awaited Windows Phone 8.1 update at the Build 2014 conference being held in San Francisco. Windows Phone users have been waiting for this update for quite some time and they need to for a few more weeks. Also a part of this unveil was Microsoft’s new personal assistant for Windows [...]

Siri To Soon Be Opened Up To Developers With New SDK For iWatch


For some time now Apple has been rumored to open Siri up to developers, and now it looks like that time may be coming sooner than later. According to a report from The Information (via TechCrunch) Apple is planning on creating a Siri SDK so developers will be able to integrate their apps with the [...]

Patent Filing Hints Siri Will Eventually Be Able To Search Your Photo Library


Let’s  be honest, one task that is hard to do on your iOS Device is finding photos within your photo library. If you don’t have very many photos maybe this isn’t an issue, but when your library starts to grow it can become an issue. One solution Apple has to this problem is utilizing Siri [...]

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Real-Life Pokédex

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The information engine, Wolfram Alpha, was just updated recently to add over 649 Pokémon to its database according to Tuaw. Due to the fact that Wolfram Alpha powers Siri and allows it to make certain informational queries like “how many grams are in a pound,” it also means that Siri will be able to access all of the new [...]

Offline Siri Dictation Could Be Coming To iOS 7 As New Code References Are Discovered


If you were paying attention to the WWDC 2013 keynote presentation when OS X Mavericks was being talked about you will realize that on under the hood improvement that will be appreciated by users is offline speech to text (Siri dictation). Right now if you use Siri dictation it requires you to be connected to [...]

Siri, Or Should We Say “Jarvis”, Shown Turning Off Philips Hue Light Bulbs [VIDEO]

We have seen a ton of different Siri hacks in the past where people Jailbreak their iOS device and use a Siri proxy to allow them to control parts of their house with Siri or even start their car. Today we have yet another clever individual who has rigged up a system that allows him to [...]

Apple Has Been Confirmed To Keep Siri Voice Recordings For Two Years

If you have a Siri-enabled iOS device then you probably use it on a day to day basis. Have you ever wondered how long Apple ends up storing your Siri queries though? Or whether or not your Siri queries can be personally identified to you? For a long time there has been a lot of unknowns [...]

Could Apple Really Be Making An iWatch?

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According to the New York Times, Apple is experimenting with curved glass (a.k.a.) willow glass to make a smart watch which will curve around your wrist. The watch-like theoretical iOS device could have Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, Apple Maps, which would give you directions as you walk around town, and also could make use of [...]

Watch Siri Control A House With Help From SiriProxy And A Raspberry Pi [VIDEO]

SiriProxy on Raspberry Pi Home Automation Control

This isn’t the first time that someone has used Siri to control things in their house, but this one is much cooler. A certain gentleman used Siri on his iPhone 5 to control his garage door, lights in the living room, TV, thermostat and the alarm system. No, it’s not a fake. This YouTube user [...]

Siri Eyes Free Technology Coming To The 2013 Honda Accord, Acura RDX And ILX


In June of 2012 Apple announced Siri Eyes Free, which was essentially hardware that allowed car manufactures to install a physical Siri button that upon being pressed allows iPhone owners to make use of Apple’s personal assistant without taking their hands off the wheel. The only unfortunate thing about the new functionality is that it [...]