SBProfiles 2.0-1 Adds ‘Experimental Support’ For Triggering SBSettings Toggles Through GPS [Cydia Tweak]


The only tweak that could be more convenient than SBSettings is a tweak that flips your SBSettings toggles for you. SBProfiles was already the go-to tweak for toggle automation, and now it’s gotten better with GPS triggers, multiple triggers per profile, and new trigger combinations with lock and charging states. SBProfiles is a powerful tweak because […]

PowerOptionsPro Is Another Lock Button Menu For The iPhone And iPod Touch [Cydia Tweak]


PowerOptionsPro is yet another lock button-activated menu for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You might be wondering why anyone would pay for a lock button menu to power off their device when SBSettings very common Cydia utility that includes more functionality and is free. Even the options that were tacked on to make the PowerOptionsPro […]

iJailbreak’s Power User Guide: Know More About SBSettings


SBSettings is an essential Cydia utility for many jailbreakers, because it gives us immediate access to Settings toggles we use every day. It’s theme-able, it’s expandable, but it also is a utility that contains more depth and power than most users realize. The More button menu contains many hidden tools that advanced users should know […]

How To: Troubleshoot Mobile Substrate Cydia Tweaks With SBSettings On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


As a curator of iPhone and iPad mods, I can have dozens of tweaks and plugins interacting with one another at once. Sometimes those tweaks don’t play nice with each other, and sometimes, on their own, they will actually cause problems by themselves. My iPad had an issue last night where I discovered that a rogue […]

How To: Use Veency To Control Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch From Your PC


I can’t believe we haven’t done a tutorial on Veency yet! Veency is one of the most useful Cydia apps around, and one of the big remaining reasons to jailbreak your phone. Why use Veency? If you have a setup where your computer isn’t directly hooked up to your best stereo, it can be a […]

Speaker SBSettings Toggle Lets You Answer Incoming Calls In Speakerphone


You might not have realized that the iPhone can be set to automatically answer incoming calls in speaker phone. This option is by default nested in Settings → Accessibility → Incoming calls, and can be switched between Default, Headset, and Speaker. This setting is intended to help people with additional physical or auditory needs, but […]

WireSiri Allows Siri To Activate Bluetooth, WiFi, Aiplane Mode, Data, And 3G [Cydia Tweak]


SBSettings is neat and all, but can you ask it to turn on WiFi? By default, you have to pull down the SBSettings tab with a gesture and tap on the appropriate button. With WireSiri all you need to do is call Siri up and ask her to turn on or off your wireless services. Now […]

Brightslide Cydia Tweak Is A Miniature Version Of SBSettings For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


The Brightslide Cydia tweak almost reminds me of a mini version of SBSettings, in the fact that it allows you to access a variety of system functions in a small drop down bar that can be called upon through an Activator action. From this drop down bar you have access to toggle on and off Bluetooth, WiFi, […]

How To: Add Custom SBSettings-Like Shortcuts To Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [No Jailbreak Required]


The reason most people Jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is because they want access to the vast library of tweaks available through Cydia. One of the most sought after and most used Cydia tweaks, however, is SBSettings. The SBSettings Cydia tweak brings custom iOS shortcuts to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad; meaning […]

How To: Install SBSettings Themes On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [VIDEO]


In’s previous how to guide we showed you how to install SBSettings to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Today, we are going to be showing you how to take advantage of SBSettings by downloading an SBSettings Theme from Cydia, and actually installing the theme to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which will change […]