Manage WiFi From Anywhere In iOS With The Vestigo Cydia Tweak


Connecting to a new WiFi network from your iOS device usually requires you to launch the Settings app, select WiFi and then tap on the network. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could access all available WiFi networks and login from anywhere on iOS? Enter Vestigo, a new Cydia tweak that does just that, lets […]

RocketLauncher Brings Quick App Launching To The Lockscreen In A Unique Way

RocketLauncher Cydia Tweak 1

RocketLauncher is a new tweak for your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that you won’t want to miss out on. What this tweak does is bring a new way to quickly launch applications from your lockscreen in a unique way. Once you install the tweak from the ModMyi repo and enable it from the […]

BootSound, UIColors And Photo Booth (iOS 7) Are 3 Tweaks You Want To Download Right Now


There have been some really neat Cydia tweaks lately that I wanted to bring to your attention and these tweaks are BootSound, UIColors and Photo Booth (iOS 7). BootSound is a new Cydia tweak that will add the iconic Mac OS X boot-up sound to your iOS Device. There are literely no options associated with […]

SubtleLock (iOS 7) And Forecast: Two Cydia Tweaks To Customize Your LockScreen


How would you like to bring the weather and other subtle changes to your iOS 7 lockscreen? SubtleLock (iOS 7) moves your clock up to the left hand corner and the date to the upper right with a smaller font, making the lock screen appear modern and less cluttered. After installing SubtleLock users will find […]

Lockscreen Extender Cydia Tweak: Set A Lock Screen Dim Delay


Are you tired of having to tap the home or power button to keep your screen awake? Would you like to be able to set a dim delay, so you can view those sweet widgets or animated wallpapers for a longer time, then look no further than a tweak called Lockscreen Extender developed by FreeApple […]

Icon0matic Brings Back iOS 6 Icon Shadows To Your App Icons


Icon0matic is a Cydia tweak developed by Anthony Cornell that brings back the iOS 6 shadows on icons. With the release of iOS 7 came the disappearance of icon shadows for a flatter look, but Icon0matic brings back these shadows and allows you to customize them to your heart’s desire. iOS 7 icons without Icon0matic enabled Of […]

Alkaline Cydia Tweak: Theme iOS 7 Battery Icon Without WinterBoard


Alkaline is a free Cydia tweak, developed by magn20, which allows you to theme your iOS 7 battery icon in the Status Bar without using WinterBoard as show in the picture below. After installing Alkaline head over to its preference pane in Settings where you will find two options for themes (Bolus and Habesha). The […]

UnlockID Cydia Tweak Brings The Power Of TouchID To Your Mac

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.47.21 AM

A brand new tweak for the iPhone 5s has just been released called UnlockID. This tweak will allow you to unlock your Mac utilizing TouchID via Bluetooth Low Energy. In order for the tweak to function it is required that you install a component that goes along with the tweak so your iPhone 5s can […]

SlideForUsage Cydia Tweak: Reveal Usage By Sliding Down On Apps In Multitask


Are you looking to add some useful information or features to the iOS 7 App Switcher? SlideForUsage is a free new jailbreak tweak developed by ianb821 which was inspired by Sentry, a well known Visual Interaction Designer, that displays hidden information behind each application card. After installing SlideForUsage users can double click on the Home […]

NoteCreator Cydia Tweak: Create Notes From Anywhere Using Activator


Do you find yourself creating a lot of notes, but wish there was a quicker way to do so, like quick reply is for the Messages application? If so you may want to check out NoteCreator, which feels like a native feature in iOS for the stock Notes application. NoteCreator is a free tweak developed […]