RocketLauncher Brings Quick App Launching To The Lockscreen In A Unique Way

RocketLauncher is a new tweak for your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that you won’t want to miss out on. What this tweak does is bring a new way to quickly launch applications from your lockscreen in a unique way.

RocketLauncher Cydia Tweak

Once you install the tweak from the ModMyi repo and enable it from the Settings app when you lock your device you will be able to tap and hold any portion of the screen and the first 7 apps in your App Switcher will appear on the right side of your lockscreen. If you slide your finger over the 7 app icons an app preview card will appear showing you where you left off in the specific app. Once you know what app you’d like to open, drag your finger over it and release to automatically launch that app.

In the preferences for RocketLauncher you will find a variety of options like the ability to disable blur, disable tint, show full screen snapshots rather than just app cards, set custom apps rather than showing the latest apps in the App Switcher, customize app order and even blacklist applications.

Although there are a lot of lockscreen app launching tweaks, RocketLauncher brings a unique twist to the table and almost looks native to iOS 7. You can find the tweak in the ModMyi repo for $1.00.

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