Icon0matic Brings Back iOS 6 Icon Shadows To Your App Icons

Icon0matic is a Cydia tweak developed by Anthony Cornell that brings back the iOS 6 shadows on icons. With the release of iOS 7 came the disappearance of icon shadows for a flatter look, but Icon0matic brings back these shadows and allows you to customize them to your heart’s desire.

iOS 7 icons without Icon0matic enabled

iOS 7 icons without Icon0matic enabled

Of the many options within the tweak, you can decide to shadow your icons identical to how they were shadowed in iOS 6 or create a new experience entirely. iFans forum member laze was able to create a great comparison so you can see the difference been icons with shadows and without. Although its only a subtle difference, having app shadows does make icons stand out much better.

iOS 7 icons with Icon0matic enabled

iOS 7 icons with Icon0matic enabled

The tweak can be found in the ModMyi repo for free, and there is also a pro version that is said to be coming as well.

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  1. Thanks, but I like it without the shadow. =)

  2. Font Please?

  3. Erhan Efe says:

    I think the first picture is not real. It seems very blurred especially on icon name. It is not that bad without ıcon0matic.

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