FaceTime Not Working For You? Apple Says Update To iOS 7

A more powerful front camera would improve vanity shots and FaceTime chats

If you’ve been facing issues making or receiving FaceTime calls on your iOS or OS X device, you’re not alone. This bug appeared after April 16th, 2014 due to an expired device certificate. Apple’s resolution for this is something you may not like. The FaceTime bug has been affecting users on iOS 6 and older […]

Apple Seeds OS X 10.9.2 To Developers With FaceTime Audio

OS X 10.9.2 Beta

Shortly after releasing OS X 10.9.1 into the wild Apple has just seeded OS X 10.9.2 to developers. This particular new version of Mavericks comes with a build number of 13C32 and is available to registered developers through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store as well as through the Mac Dev Center. Apple hasn’t […]

Apple Releases A New Commercial Titled FaceTime Every Day [Video]

FaceTime Every Day

Apple has just uploaded a new commercial to its YouTube channel called FaceTime Every Day. This ad follows the same format of previous ads like Music Every Day and Photos Every Day in the fact that it focusses on a single feature… and can you guess what that is this time around? FaceTime of course! This […]

iTunes 11 Can Scan Your iTunes Gift Cards Via Webcam Photo


As most folks are probably aware, iTunes 11 is now available for download. The overhauled interface has been getting some mixed reviews, as it seems to be railroading users into buying content, rather than offering an effective way for them to view and manage the content they already have. There’s no denying that the latest […]

Can’t Send iMessages Or Make FaceTime Calls? iCloud Is officially Experiencing Problems


Apple’s upcoming data centres could not come soon enough! It seems like every other week a mass iCloud outage happens that disrupts the sending of iMessages and also the ability to place FaceTime calls. Most of the time when these outages occur however, Apple’s official iCloud status page never reflects that there is a problem. […]

AT&T Announces It Will Expand FaceTime Over Cellular Availability


Yesterday AT&T announced that it would be expanding the availability of FaceTime over cellular at no extra charge. In a press release the company states that the iPhone 5 and LTE iPad will be able to take advantage of FaceTime over cellular on one of the network’s tiered data plans. AT&T today announced it will enable […]

Apple Ordered To Pay VirnetX $368 Million In VPN Patent Infringement Case


It looks like some of that $1.05 billion Apple won from Samsung might be heading right back out the door, if none of the lawsuits in question are successfully appealed. Apple has just been ordered to pay $368 million to a patent holding company called VirnetX, for infringing on the company’s virtual private network (VPN) […]

FaceTime And Messages Apps Earn Apple A New Patent Infringement Suit


Apple might be a big fan of patent infringement suits when they’re the ones doing the suing, but patent law is a double edged sword. Apple is now going to be occupying the defendant seat for once, as they’re getting sued by a company called Intercarrier Communications for alleged infringement on messaging patents. Intercarrier says both […]

Mass iMessage, Game Center And FaceTime Outages Affecting Many People


Ever since I woke up this morning I have been hearing reports about iMessage being down or at the minimum experiencing intermittent problems. Throughout the day these issues have seemingly gotten worse and many media outlets are also reporting wide-spread iMessage outages; mostly in areas around North America and Europe. For certain individuals even Game […]

More Photos Of New ‘New iPad’ Emerge, Updated Display And FaceTime Camera Shown


Today is Apple’s iPad Mini event, where we’ll be seeing a little more than just the iPad Mini. We’ve heard reports about a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display being announced at the event. There’s also been claims that Apple will update the current iMacs, Mac Minis and even the current generation iPad. Apple.pro […]