Can’t Send iMessages Or Make FaceTime Calls? iCloud Is officially Experiencing Problems

Apple’s upcoming data centres could not come soon enough! It seems like every other week a mass iCloud outage happens that disrupts the sending of iMessages and also the ability to place FaceTime calls. Most of the time when these outages occur however, Apple’s official iCloud status page never reflects that there is a problem. Today is indeed different though…

 iCloud Outage November 18th 2012

As you can see from the image above, at approximately 1:30pm PST Apple has reported that there is indeed a problem with iCloud that is affecting some users. From various other reports on the net and users complaining on Twitter it is indeed obvious a problem is present.

For most people this will not be the end of the world because sending text messages still work perfectly fine, but those looking to avoid roaming charges by hiding in Wi-Fi hotspots might be in trouble. Those with iPads and iPod Touches will be similarly out of luck.

If you’re an iMessage user, feel free to keep us updated on the status of the service, by leaving a comment down below. In the past issues related to iCloud are usually resolved in a matter of hours, so hopefully Apple can get things running smoothly again.

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  1. Victor Witkamp says:

    No problems here with Facetime and iMessage (iPod Touch 4G – iOS 6 – the Netherlands)

  2. Still having issues. 3:01pm pst

  3. there has been problems with imessage and facetime , the message dont go through and facetime always fails whenever im placing a call , and imessages load my old conversation instead of the new incoming messages on my ( macbook , iPad 3gen , ipod 4th, iphone 4)

  4. I have ipad 2 and ipod touch to keep in contact with my 11 yr old who is away at vocational (ballet) school in U.K. Facetime been intermittent all week. Today, 18/11/12 there is no facetime or imessage service at all. Very frustrating. No way of contacting anyone that knows anything at Apple.

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