Auki: Cydia’s Best Quick Reply Tweak

2014-04-17 00_12_46

Recently I’ve been using biteSMS for about 3 months then I decided that it was not fully compatible with one of the tweaks that was present on my iPhone. I’m not a big fan of biteSMS because the only thing I need from biteSMS is the quick reply function. The other functions are okay but I solely [...]

Vertex Cydia Tweak Brings iOS 8 Mission Control To Life [Officially Released]

Vertex Cydia Tweak

Those of you who caught the iOS 8 concept which merged the Control Center and Multitasking Switcher together to form Mission Control will be glad to know that the concept has finally been made a reality with the Vertex Cydia tweak developed by Ian Burns and Xpod. In order to access Mission Control you simply [...]

Track Your Cellular Data Usage With WeeTrackData7 For Notification Center


How would you like the benefit from being able to keep track of the data you are using? Even though some people have unlimited data plans they have to be careful or they will run the risk of their data speeds getting throttled. WeeTrackData7 for Notification Center is a widget which keeps track of your cellular [...]

GifViewer Cydia Tweak Allows You To View Gifs In The Photos App


Despite the fact Gifs are a dying breed, they have started to make a comeback in various Meme images found on sites like Imgur, reactiongifs or 9gag. If you have ever tried to save a Gif to your camera roll and view it in the stock Photos app, however, you were likely disappointed to find [...]

Three Cydia Tweaks You Won’t Want To Miss Out On: Spin, Cylinder And Gestr


In this post we cut through the noise and give to you only the best Cydia tweaks. Here are 3 more tweaks worth checking out this week. Spin is a freshly released Cydia tweak which transforms the music control interface on your lockscreen. The album artwork and scrubber becomes circular with the track details and [...]

LockToCell And GridSwitcher: Two Multitasking Tweaks To Take A Look At


Have you noticed that the icons underneath the app switcher cards move as you scroll between the apps that are currently open in iOS 7? LockToCell is a tweak developed by Brogan Miner which locks the icon in the center, underneath the application preview in the multitasking view which makes the spacing even and stays [...]

BootSound, UIColors And Photo Booth (iOS 7) Are 3 Tweaks You Want To Download Right Now


There have been some really neat Cydia tweaks lately that I wanted to bring to your attention and these tweaks are BootSound, UIColors and Photo Booth (iOS 7). BootSound is a new Cydia tweak that will add the iconic Mac OS X boot-up sound to your iOS Device. There are literely no options associated with [...]

iBatteryInfoPro Cydia Tweak: The Ultimate Battery Manager


So you need to check how many cycles you have been through with your iOS 7-running device? iBatteryInfoPro is a Cydia tweak that helps you with the lacking features of iOS and preserves the usual battery you get before you jailbreak. Most of its users (including myself) use iBatteryInfoPro to check the cycle count of the [...]

TinyGrid+ Cydia Tweak: Customize The Folder Mini-Grid On iOS 7 Home Screen


Are you a themer? How would you like to change the look of the icons inside the home screen folder icons? TinyGrid+, developed by magn2o is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to customize the folder mini-grid on their home screen, adjust the icon size, spacing and the opacity depending on their tastes. After installing [...]

Pluck 2 And AppETA Are Two Cydia Tweaks You Should Download Right Now


Many Cydia tweaks are released in any given day, but here are two I feel are worth your attention. Pluck 2 is a tweak for iOS 7 that allows you to easily play any song for your iOS Device’s music library from both the lockscreen and the control center. What the tweak does is add [...]