How To Prepare For iOS 7 For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

Tomorrow Apple will be releasing iOS 7 on to the world and before you just blindly update it is important that you ensure your iOS Device or Devices are 100% ready for the update. So before you tap that update button make sure you take a few minutes to ensure you are properly prepared.

How To Get Ready For iOS 7

1. Determine Whether You Want To Update

iOS 7 iPhone

Sounds obvious right? But make sure you actually want to update to iOS 7 because it is a radical change from previous firmware generations. Some people actually hate the look and feel of iOS 7 and will be staying on iOS 6, so make sure you don’t fit into this category. You can watch our hands-on demo of iOS 7 to determine this.

2. Check Device Compatibility

iOS 7 Compatibility Chart

Unfortunately not all devices will be getting iOS 7. When it comes to iPhones only handsets with a Retina display will be compatible, so the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s. As for iPads only the second generation iPad and above will be supported. This includes the iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini. The 5th generation iPod Touch will also support iOS 7.

3. Back Your Device Up 

Seems pretty obvious, no? But you would be surprised how many people just bypass this 5-minute task only to risk losing their data. Before you update your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to iOS 7 make sure that you not only back your device up through iTunes (or iCloud), but also import any media through iPhoto (or whatever application you use to manage the media on your iOS Device).

4. Clean The Clutter

Do you really need all those flashlight apps? Delete as many apps, pictures and other media as you can before updating to iOS 7. This isn’t necessarily even required, but trust me your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is probably due for a little Spring cleaning and now is the perfect time.

5. Get The Latest Version Of iTunes

You would be surprised how fast iTunes can get out of date. Before you update to iOS 7 make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes. You can download it here or run Apple’s Software Update. Even if you aren’t going to update through a cabled connection, it will be required for syncing iOS 7 devices.

6. Update Apps And Your Current iOS Version

If you are not Jailbroken then there is no excuse to not be running the latest version of iOS. Although in theory you can update to iOS 7 from any firmware version, there are more variables involved that could lead to problems. It is always better to just be running the latest firmware version. While we are talking updates it is also recommended you update all of your apps because developers are already submitting updates to take advantage of iOS 7’s new look.

7. Jailbreakers Beware


In regards to Jailbreakers you have a choice to make. An iOS 7 Jailbreak will likely not be released for months. In fact right now there is no ETA of a public iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak at all. So updating to iOS 7 means risking your Jailbreak, possibly forever. If you are ok with this then just keep in mind that you will need to Restore to iOS 7 directly through iTunes and not just update because this will cause issues. Those that do not want to lose their Jailbreak will just have to stay put for the time being.

Hopefully these tips have prepared you for the public release of iOS 7 tomorrow. Let us know if you have anymore questions in the comments section below.

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  1. Yassine Ghouil says:

    thnx guys ;)

  2. Oh gosh, hard decision.. I don’t really know what to do, I like jailbreak because it allows me to a lot of cool things, however I can’t wait to use the iOS 7! I guess I will wait until the jailbreak community release more information about a possible jailbreak, or not, who knows!

  3. For idevices running ios 7 beta 6 we need to downgrade or we can upgrade ( put ios 7 officially) in OTA ??? Thanks to answer please !!

  4. Does rsim-7 support ios 7

  5. Dude, better keep your Jailbreak!! It can do everything that iOS 7 can do, and as a matter of fact WAY more things!!! And besides, I really don`t think iOS 7 even looks that good, to begin with!!

  6. I rather wait for a jailbreak than update to iOS 7.

  7. littlesmegger says:

    iOS 7 covers a lot of Jailbreak uses though. Unlimited folders, mission control, number blocking, multitasking etc.

  8. Charlie Carr says:

    iPad 2 still looks to benefit well and when I get a Touch 5th gen, it should improve it greatly

  9. Is there a list of iOS 7 look-alike type tweeks? I already have and love Aplo. Anything else?

  10. get ios 7
    i’ll tell you right now i jailbroke my iphone 5 and it is horrible
    it runs slow, constanly crashes, frezzes up, and it keeps going into safe mode
    if i were you i’ll get ios 7

  11. yes it does

  12. Jailbreak for iOS 7 is near. It won’t be too long for its public release.

  13. well let me tell you that I have the best jailbroken iPhone 5 in the world. never crashs or freezes up orsafe mode. remember have to maintain your jailbroken in good condition and for that I use iCleaner Pro besides the other good tweaks like %hook’s law for the speed.

  14. I won’t update my iPhone 5 until there’s any good news about jailbreak BUT I sure will update my iPad Mini without a dough.

  15. I will for the untethered jailbreak before updating to iOS7. updating will hold me with the apples’ boring system, jailbreaking will certainly perks up my phone.

  16. Harshdeep Singh says:

    when my iphone 4 was having ios 4.2 it was jailbroken then update to 6.1.3 its not jailbroken now can it be updated to ios 7 plsssss needddd help

  17. today is the day

  18. sorry that you have no idea what you’re doing. my jailbroken iphone 5 is just fine.

  19. Muzammil Riyaz says:

    Waiting for the jail break.. !

  20. Well, since i just purchased an ipad 2 that was already 6.1.3, i didn’t have to chose rather to update or not, i just did it right away. Ios 7 is certainly a big change but i’m sure it just need some time to get used to it, i do like the change for sure. On the other hand, i will be waiting for a reliable jailbreak to upgrade my iphone 4s, since it’s jailbroken on 6.1 and i definitely don’t wanna lose the advantages. Waiting for some good jailbreak news. Chears to the jailbreak community.

  21. iPhone 4: Yes. Does not include AirDrop, Siri or camera filters (you can add filters later in the photos app).

  22. Hey, not a techy person here. But I got my ipodtouch jailbroken, will I be able to update to iOS 7? I tried updating but its not detecting the software. What can I do?

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