Saurik Talks In-Depth About Jailbreaking and The idea That Software Should have Screws [Ted Speech]

This is just a quick post to to share with you a Ted talk carried out by Jay Freeman (aka Saurik – the creator of Cydia) at an event called TEDxAmericanRiviera. The whole idea of his ted talk, was to compare the idea of jailbreaking your Apple iDevice to the mentality of how people like to customize their cars and other personal belongings. He was trying to get across the point that Apple’s App Store and Cydia are two completely different things. Unlike the App Store, Cydia contains very few apps; but rather tweaks and system modifications to customize how your iDevice functions. In my opinion his speech was very well carried out, and if have a spare 13 minutes, you should check it out!

Do you have any thoughts on Jay Freeman’s idea that Software should have screws? Note: Only if you watched the presentation above.

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  • pb

    Saurik is an ass.
    He is living on “glory” and Cydia has no updates to its core for ages.
    That, and the fact i still hear keyboard clicks even when they are off in the settings, only reveals how bad Cydia is.

    I remember Icy 2 years ago. That was cool. Cydia sucks.