Jay Freeman (Saurik) Talks About Why You Should Jailbreak!

Jay Freeman, aka Saurik and Britta Gustafson, sat down for an interview today and discussed why you should jailbreak your iDevice. Whenever Jay Freeman speaks, it is worth watching, and this video is no exception. During this interview Jay Freeman shows off several tweaks and explains why one would want to jailbreak their iDevice. He also goes into detail on what tools that you can use to jailbreak your iDevice.

Watch the interview in the YouTube video below:

In case you are wondering here are the tweaks Jay Freeman was using in this interview:

  • qTweeter – status bar tweeting
  • Graviboard – adds gravity effect on your icons
  • Iconoclasm – icon layouts
  • Springtomizer – Change slide to unlock text & others
  • WinterBoard – custom themes, icons, sliders etc.
  • LockInfo – information like calendar on Lockscreen
  • Color Keyboard – customize keyboard colors (buttons and background individually)
  • SBSettings – quick toggles
  • Five Icon Dock – self explanatory
  • Graviboard – icons move/jiggle on gravity
  • Barrel – ¬†homescreen scroll animation while going through all app pages

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  • Budhna Roshan46

    i wanted to know that what’s that cool animation its like when you scroll the springboard and the icon spins!!!! its in the video!!!

  • Vigasan

    It’s called Barrel

  • Ryanstylee

    What about forwarding the voicemail! I need that for work! I am on the hunt now:)

  • Hourlysword

    wow, video was taken down..

  • RandomBlackGuy

    SCREW YOU YOUTUBE! It’s legal to jailbreak iPhones incase you did not get the memo!