How To: Officially Download An Archive Of All Your Tweets From Twitter


There has been talk for some time now that Twitter would grant users the ability to download all of their tweets, but for the longest time we have yet to see this functionality roll out. Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo actually promised to have this functionality available to all users by the end of the year, […]

[iJailbreak’s Toolkit] 5 Most Powerful Twitter Tweaks On Cydia–2012


I ran into a problem when I tried compiling tweaks for this list: Twitter tweaks have a short shelf-life. Too often I’ve revisited old favorites, only to find that they don’t support current apps–or the the Twitter API itself changed since the tweak was released, so the tweak loses the ability to post altogether. In my […]

3 Defunct Twitter Cydia Tweaks We Wish Still Worked


In our most recent edition of iJailbreak’s Toolkit, I mentioned a wishlist of formerly great tweaks and utilities that currently aren’t functional, but I would like to see repaired. Twitter tweaks on iOS require ongoing developer support to maintain, otherwise they can be broken by updates to the apps they modify–or by Twitter’s aggressive changes […]

Customize Twitter Clients Cydia Tweak Lets You Theme Your Favorite Twitter Apps


Sometimes you find a Twitter client that works really well, but you don’t like the colors the developers chose for it. Maybe the color choice really clashes with your theme of choice, maybe it’s too drab and boring, or maybe it just doesn’t feel like an impersonal off-the shelf app. There are a number of […]

Reintroduce Real RT Into Twitter With The Classic Retweet Cydia Tweak


Because of Twitter’s new API rules, users may have to cosy up to Twitter’s official iPhone and iPad client. While Twitter’s official client is a competent offering that is both slick and easy to use, one of the corners that has been rounded off was the classic retweet. In olden days, retweeting a post would […]

How To: Access Tweetbot’s Super Secret Settings On iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad


It is no question that Tweetbot is a very popular Twitter client for the iOS platform. In fact, a majority of people prefer it over the default Twitter client because of its sleek UI and extensive customization options. For all of you Tweetbot fans, you might be excited to know that a secret section in […]

Dashtweet Is A Free Twitter Widget For Dashboard X On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [Cydia]


iOS 5’s Twitter integration is somewhat underwhelming by default. It allows you to send tweets with attachments within apps, but it doesn’t provide a quick way of sharing an unaccompanied tweet. What if you have something you need to share quickly? Dashtweet is a Dashboard X widget which places a Twitter bar on your home […]

More People Have A Mobile Phone Than A Toothbrush In The World [INFOGRAPHIC]


It is no question that social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have grown exponentially over the last few years. Just last year alone Facebook has picked up an additional 200 million users! Due to the fact that social networks have become such an integrated aspect of our lives it is interesting to take […]

Add A Tweet Shortcut To The Notification Center With The QuickTweet Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]


It is no doubt that Twitter is becoming ever-increasingly popular these days and for all of you Twitter fanatics out there we have found a great tweak just for you. Introducing QuickTweet, a Cydia tweak that will add a small button to the bottom of your Notification Center, allowing you to quickly tweet natively on your […]

Get Siri To Read Your Last 5 Tweets From Your Timeline [TweetLine Cydia Tweak]


Are you looking to extend the functionality of Siri to more natively integrate with Twitter? If so then you will be glad to know that a new Cydia tweak was recently released to grant Siri the ability to read your last 5 tweets from your TimeLine, dubbed TweetLine. Yes, that is right! The TweetLine Cydia […]