Apple Releases Sixth Gen iPod Touch With A8 Processor, 8 Megapixel Camera And More


Without making a lot of fuss about it, Apple has refreshed the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the Shuffle. The iPod Touch gets the biggest upgrade and is now in its sixth generation. Apple has upgraded the iPod Touch internals, but has stuck with the same 4-inch Retina display and design. The new sixth gen […]

Apple Will Now Pay For Your Water Damaged iPhone Or iPad


If you have dropped your iPhone in the toilet, gotten pushed into a pool with your iPhone or been in any other situation that resulted in your iPhone getting water damaged where rice would not save it… you will be glad to know that according to CNET Apple now has an answer for what you […]

iFixit Finds Very Few Internal Changes In The New 16GB 5th Generation iPod Touch


Near the end of May Apple released a new model of the iPod Touch lacking an iSight camera with 16GB of storage priced at $229. This is essentially Apple’s budget iPod Touch and allows users to own an Apple iOS Device at a slightly lower price point  compared to the 32GB and 64GB models with […]

Apple Releases New 16GB iPod Touch Without iSight Camera, Priced At $229


Out of the blue, Apple has released a new model of its 5th generation iPod Touch, which is a little cheaper than the present model and lacks a rear iSight camera. Yes, you heard that right. If you head to the online Apple Store right now, you’ll see a brand new 5th generation iPod Touch […]

The Low-End iPhone Will Be A Cross Between iPhone 5, iPod Touch And iPod Classic [REPORT]


The low-end cheap iPhone rumor has been around for quite some time. Despite Apple stating that they will never build a cheap iPhone, rumors and reports of such a device are just growing. Recently, iLounge posted a write-up giving more details on how this cheap iPhone would look and what it would be made of. Apparently, […]

The Top 5 Holiday Wallpapers For Your iPhone And iPod Touch


With the Holiday season upon us why not get in the mood by using one of our Holiday iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers as your background? Who knows, maybe you might even get the sudden urge to hang your Christmas lights! iJailbreak does not own the copyrights to any of these images, we have simply […]

Current iPod Touch Might Be The Last iPod Touch, Says Analyst


A research note from well-known tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPod Touch “has entered the final stage of its product life cycle.” In other words, the touchscreen music player might not see another generation of hardware, as it sees it’s market cannibalized by other devices. The idea behind this prediction is that the iPad […]

John Gruber Weighs In On The iPad Mini’s Display, Price, And Name


The unannounced iPad Mini is a device steeped in rumor. We’ve heard rumors that it will have LTE, that it won’t have LTE, that it will perform roughly the same as the iPad 2, that it will cost under $300, that it will cost under $250, that it will come in a variety of colors, […]

Why Does The New iPod Touch Lack An Ambient Light Sensor? “It’s Too Thin,” Says Phil Schiller


The 5th-generation iPod Touch that Apple announced last month is great. It has an A5 chip, a 4-inch display, has an improved camera, is thinner by a millimeter and comes in new attractive colors. It was recently discovered however, that the new iPod Touch doesn’t come with an ambient light sensor. This means that the […]

Newest Generation Of iPod Touch Is Missing The Ambient Light Sensor


I guess these are the little facts about their new hardware that Apple tends to leave out of the features list at their announcement keynotes: the new 5th-generation iPod Touch has mysteriously lost its ambient light sensor. The light sensor is a feature that’s been a staple of the iPhone and iPod Touch for quite […]