Watch Winocm Triple-Boot iOS 5, iOS 6 And iOS 7 On An iPad 2 [VIDEO]


Winocm is a well known jailbreak developer and iOS hacker, he’s so good that even Apple wants him to go work for them later this year. He helped iH8sn0w with the development of p0sixspwn jailbreak, released a video last week where he showed an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 4. Earlier today, […]

Lyrics For iPad Enables Lyrics In iOS 5’s Native iPad Music App For Free


If you enjoy seeing lyrics with your music, you’re probably wondering why Apple removed the lyrics functionality from the iPad’s native music player. I enjoy having the lyrics in front of me, because it helps me develop a deep attachment to the song, especially when I’m listening to singer-songwriters and other artists who make the […]

nitoTV And The State Of The 5.1 (iOS 6) Jailbreak For The Apple TV 2, No ETA On The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak


If you have a jailbroken Apple TV, the rule is you never, ever, preform an over-the-air (OTA) update directly on the device. We didn’t need @nitoTV to tell us that is a guaranteed recipe for ‘bricking’ your device, but Kevin Bradley–also known as nitoTV, the developer behind the nitoTV frontend for the Apple TV–posted the reminder on […]

How To: Use Siri To Make Creating Grocery Lists Less Of A Chore


When Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S it attracted a lot of attention because it was one of the first polished virtual assistants available on a smartphone. Although there are many competitors that can match Siri nowadays, Siri is still a remarkable productivity tool if you know how to use it correctly. One functionality […]

ImmediateSend Allows You To Quickly Send Text Messages On The iPhone From Anywhere [Cydia Tweak]


Hate loading iMessage to send texts and free messages to other Apple devices? ImmediateSend is a tweak that allows you to skip the clutter and instead reply to messages from anywhere. See a message on your lockscreen? Instead of going to iMessage, Immediate send allows to you reply to that message instantly and will mark […]

How To: Make Logging In On iOS Much Faster Using Keyboard Shortcuts


One of the most frequent things you do on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is probably log in to some sort of account. Whether it be your iTunes account, Facebook account, Twitter account, you name it! Nowadays we have so many accounts with different services it is painstaking to always have to re-type information […]

Wish You Had iOS 6’s Status Bar Tint? StatusColor Cydia Tweak Colors Status Bars From iOS 5


As we mentioned in our article for AntiTint, iOS 6’s color changing status bars are a neat idea but they’re not to everyone’s tastes. AntiTint is a tweak, for the LimeRa1n-compatible devices which can run iOS 6 jailbroken, which disables the status bar tint effects. StatusColor is that tweak’s opposite; it enables iOS 6’s color […]

How To: Replicate iOS 6 Functionality On iPhone, iPod Touch Running iOS 5 With These Cydia Packages


The iOS 6 firmware generation will bring about a whole whack load of improvements to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad when it is shipped to the public this Fall. In fact, we have given some hands-on demos of some of the new iOS 6 functionality such as the redesigned, new iPad and […]

Check Out The First RedD00r (Custom iOS 5 Firmware Based Off iOS 4) Developer Preview [VIDEO]


We have been talking about the RedD00r custom iOS 5 firmware for awhile now on iJailbreak, but this time we actually have some good news and evidence that RedD00r is nearing a public release. You see, one of the main developers of RedD00r has recently released a video showcasing an alpha version of RedD00r running […]

Dictator Forces Dictation Keyboard Button On Unsupported Dictation Languages [Cydia]


Do you speak one language and type in another? By default, the Dictation feature on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad works with the language the keyboard is set to. Dictator unbinds the keyboard and Dictation key’s language settings, allowing the Dictation function to appear alongside keyboards with currently unsupported languages. Dictator installs a […]