Check Out The First RedD00r (Custom iOS 5 Firmware Based Off iOS 4) Developer Preview [VIDEO]

We have been talking about the RedD00r custom iOS 5 firmware for awhile now on iJailbreak, but this time we actually have some good news and evidence that RedD00r is nearing a public release. You see, one of the main developers of RedD00r has recently released a video showcasing an alpha version of RedD00r running on an iPod Touch 2G (MC).

By watching the video one can see that RedD00r featured an easy to use installation wizard, and does indeed bring the iOS 5 look and feel to the iOS 4 firmware generation. The biggest question though I am sure people have who are not familiar with RedD00r is why is it useful and what is the difference between WhiteD00r and RedD00r.

First things first, let’s start with what the WhiteD00r project is, as this is where it all started. In simple terms what the WhiteD00r project is, is an attempt to bring the features on the iOS 4 firmware to the iOS 3.1.3 firmware. With the release of WhiteD00r 5.1 however, users with an iOS device running the iOS 3.1.3 firmware can also enjoy iOS 5 features like the Similarly, what the RedD00r project is, is an attempt to bring the features of the iOS 5 firmware to the iOS 4.2.1 firmware, but for MC models of the iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G (as MC models are not supported in WhiteD00r). Meaning the differences between WhiteD00r and RedD00r are the firmwares they are based on and which devices they support.

RedD00r Alpha

Although not all the features of iOS 5 are brought over with the RedD00r and WhiteD00r custom firmwares it is still the only way to enjoy some of the extra functionality Apple excluded older generation iOS devices from having. The features that these custom firmwares do bring to the table however, include custom backgrounds (wallpapers), the semi transparent dock, new system sounds, new icons from iOS 5, multitasking, tap-to-focus camera, a special version of iCloud that uses DropBox and much more.

With the alpha version of RedD00r being demoed I am sure we can expect a public release within the next month or so. For further updates please keep your eyes on iJailbreak and also the RedD00r Facebook page. Are you getting excited for RedD00r? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. iPhone4SGuy says:

    The sliders don’t look like IOS 5 , just thought I should point it out…

  2. BatesOut says:

    All I heard throughout most of that video was “Yayyyy” said over and over in an unnatural, gay voice.

  3. Can you jailbreak RedD00r?

  4. Noah King says:


  5. i don’t see any iMessage :( that would be the only reason i would want to get iOS 5 

  6. All Whited00r/RedD00r firmwares are pre-jailbroken.

  7. Jmerchant123 says:

    Looks promising!, but would RedD00r run faster than standard 4.2.1 on a 3G (especially with all the new IOS 5 features)?

  8. Jennd1987 says:

    I jailbroke my iphone 3g through red00r 4.2.1 and then whited00r 5.1and now i want to go back to my 4.2.1 any idea how? When I try it freezes up in recovery mode. 

  9. Ikgykuyg says:

    same :

  10. Eric niyigaba says:

    very easy , just get all of these: os 4.2.1 custome firmware and 4.2.1 restore. and then used the latest itune

  11. Ericniyigaba says:

    and also dont forget to get the latest redsnow as well

  12. Romnez_08 says:

    how come its 2G It has camera on the top..ur just pretending its 2g mc model…LOL

  13. Anonymouz says:

    Yayyyyyyyy LOL

  14. Where the hell i download it?

  15. Arran Cuthill says:

    where do you download it

  16. TheTruthHurts says:

    I love it when no fucking download link is given.

  17. thanks from brazil says:

    did it today, it’s GREAT, thanks so much! Easy to install, iPod touch 2nd Gen MC model, cannot believe it’s revived…

  18. Woohoo i love this. It works perfectly and fast. Yay!!!

  19. is this just a ios 5 simulator or can you also download stuff like minecraft P.E. ?

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