The Most Realistic iPhone 7 Concept Yet [VIDEO]

Here’s a brand new iPhone 7 concept video that brings some very realistic features to the table. Maybe in the near future, Apple could include some of these features. This new iPhone 7 concept, designed and rendered by Martin Hajek and Computer BILD, features a display that takes almost all of the front. The bezels […]

Phonebloks: A Fully Customizable Phone You’ll Never Have To Throw Away

This here could be the smartphone of the future, except with a better design and name. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you never had to sell your phone? That you could just keep upgrading it to make it faster and better through time? Well, that’s the idea here, but I’m sure companies like Apple, Google, […]

This Is The Cydia You Have Been Longing For [Concept]

From the concept designer @Sentry we have all come to appreciate — for not only some of his badass renderings of future iOS functionality, but for his work on the Auxo Cydia tweak — comes something new! Sentry has uploaded pictures of an unfinished project, which he dubs “iTweak Store” that shows how Cydia could look […]

Another Concept Of The iOS App Switcher From The Designer Behind Auxo [VIDEO]

When you think of multitasking on an mobile device, you will realize there have been many takes on it by various operating systems. On iOS you have horizontally scrolling app icons (otherwise know as the App Switcher), Android uses a cards-like interface and BlackBerry has a multitasking panel. There are no doubt a lot of […]