This Is The Cydia You Have Been Longing For [Concept]

From the concept designer @Sentry we have all come to appreciate — for not only some of his badass renderings of future iOS functionality, but for his work on the Auxo Cydia tweak — comes something new!

Sentry has uploaded pictures of an unfinished project, which he dubs “iTweak Store” that shows how Cydia could look with a different user interface, similar to that of the App Store. Although it is unlikely that Cydia would ever look anything like the renderings from Sentry, due to most of its content being hosted on 3rd party servers who are in control over how the depiction pages look, it is still worth checking out.

The first image shown below shows how a Cydia package could look like, with a three tabbed interface consisting of Details, Images and Reviews, along with a rating system.


Do I smell a wave of Cydia concept videos coming along?

The last image simply showcases a slightly modified tab navigation that looks more polished that Sentry elaborates “Tap bar UI of an old project (iTweak Store). Animation was nifty; highlight indent warped in and out via a minimize and expand effect, on tap.”


What do you think, should Cydia have a fresh coat of paint, or do you like it the way it is now? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  1. JailbreakInfo & More says:

    New look for sure!

  2. SoulEater says:

    We need this! Cydia’s looked the same since forever.

  3. I’m pretty sure people can make UI’s with Cydia but we’ve just never seen them

  4. New loook

  5. I love the concept! I would also like to see a rating system and comments section as well! Two of the biggest features I miss from the RockYourPhone App. The comments saved me a lot of time and effort when tweak conflicted with each other tweak; The comments of that particular tweak usually had a solution for the conflict via a user’s comment. This would also give a lot of good input for the developers to look at and improve/update their tweak.

  6. Sergey Karchmit says:

    That will happen if all repo’s decide to. Remember, all are different where the screenshots are placed and where ads go and stuff

  7. iPhone4SGuy says:

    They should definitely do that, cydia is getting quite old now and needs modernizing

  8. Blaine90 says:

    This isn’t a cydia concept, this is a complete cydia alternative called iTweak (google it) that @Sentry has been helping with the design with. A siilar image was released months ago to preview it. It seems to be taking forever to release though.
    on another note, it would be nice to be able to skin Cydia though.

  9. we definitely need it

  10. As long cydia’s speed isn’t compromised nor any performance in browsing cydia isn’t reduced, should be alright.

  11. It would be very nice if Cydia were like the pictures. However, everything about Cydia is free, including R&D, design, development, updates and tweaks, fixing the bugs, cost of hosting servers and…we don’t pay a penny for any of this. So, it doesn’t make sense for Saurik to a lifetime ofvwork on something unnecessary, without any, or much at the most, reward. Heck he gets a lot of “thank you”‘s but god forbid if something doesn’t work right or even gets released late, he and the entire jailbreak team get bombarded with all sorts of insults and verbal abuse, as if they owe us users anything. And he still continues this project with little return. Even though it would be nice, I for one don’t expect him to do more than he has to into this project. I thank him for all this work he does for little or no reward and hope he continues to run what we already have.

  12. Don’t change what ain’t broke
    Plus more memory taken up by a fancy UI and on older devices may be a killer :/ Zeaumos is an example of that

  13. Matthew White says:

    This looks amazing compared to the cydia we have now. If this happens it will make jailbreaking experience better for me.

  14. FrankensteinBlack says:

    A shame n00b jailbreakers not nothing of Rock which had similar functions!

  15. I actually think this would be the best idea! Cydia is really hard to navigate through and takes FOREVER to load no matter what device you are using and if its more like the App store it will defiinitely be easier to navigate through and be much faster! Also seeing screenshots of the apps before you buy/download them is always really good and its complicated and extremely time consuming to view them on the normal Cydia.

  16. Get real guys. Cydia is complete garbage. Confusing interface, ads all over the place, slow, buggy, unappealing, frustrating. It needs a major overhaul.

  17. FuckApple says:

    Totally agree :D

  18. FuckApple says:

    I agree with most of the thing you said expect the insult part hes well respected person, if people hates them and insults him then those are morons who should be kicked hard, ppl should just leave Cydia in his hands if he wishes for new look then so it is :D

  19. It’s not a matter of insulting because of hate. Some, little number of people believe the entire world owe them. They just use all the things that are available to them freely thinking they have an ownership, a right. It’s not just limited to jailbreak community, have you noticed the guy that drives like he owns the road? Or the lineup? They believe all things in life are for their pleasure, kind of a birthright :-) Unfortunately these people yell the loudest and their voice goes the furthest! And their insults hurt the most. When a release is late because it requires more test or work, these people scream like a boss insulting a lazy employee. It is hard for people like you and I to relate to this kind. That’s why we think it must be because of hate. It’s not. It’s a lifestyle, they do it in all aspects of life :-)

  20. Mark Reimer says:

    There is no iTweak Store now. I searched and found nothing more current than Feb 2012.

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