How To: Fix The Google Chrome For iOS Bug That Causes The App To Crash On Jailbroken Devices


Recently we shared with you a new update for Google Chrome that brought about new gestures, the ability to share links via the stock iOS Messages app and much more. Something else this update  brought about unfortunately, was Jailbreak detection. It is a good thing that Google is taking security seriously, but according to Saurik the problem […]

Nitrous Cydia Tweak Gives Chrome (And Other Non-Safari Web Browsers) A Speedy JavaScript Edge


You might have noticed that Chrome on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is noticeably slower than Mobile Safari. That’s along with every web browser on iOS, even the browsers built into services like Facebook. Other web browsers don’t have access to the Nitro JavaScript engine, or any just-in-time compiler, because the feature could (in […]

Add A Download Manager To Chrome For iOS With The Download Manager Cydia Tweak


Chrome for iOS has received a lot of positive reviews and it’s certainly better than the stock Safari browser. There are tweaks out there that make Chrome an even better browser, with more options to customize it like BetterChrome and Open In Chrome. If you remember back to the middle of July a teak called Chrome Download Enabler was […]

Download Files From Chrome For iOS With Chrome Download Enabler Cydia Tweak


Chrome for iOS is a great browser however, it lacks the ability to download files just like other iOS browsers. This new Cydia tweak called Chrome Download Enabler will get the job done though. If you have been wanting to download files using Chrome for iOS, here’s a nice treat for you. But, don’t expect […]

BetterChrome Cydia Tweak Adds Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Sharing To Chrome [Or Make Bookmarkets Free]


I’m not sure if BetterChrome makes the browsing experience in the iOS version of Chrome better, but it does add Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ sharing to the platform. What I do know is that the exact same features which the developer is charging $1 can also be achieved through bookmarklets for free. Admittedly, support for […]

Safari Omnibar Cydia Tweak Gives Safari A Chrome-Like Search And Address Bar


While we feature good tweaks for making Chrome the default browser, there are a whole host of browser tweaks which only support iOS’ default Mobile Safari (such as Safari Download Enabler or OneByOne Safari). If you can’t get the most useful tweaks to come to your favorite browser, there’s always a second option of using […]

Open In Chrome Sets Chrome As The Default Browser On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [Cydia]


While Chrome has features that make it a compelling alternative browser to Mobile Safari, its stifled by iOS’ lack of native integration with non-default browsers. Even if you prefer Chrome, your iPhone will still open links to Mobile Safari. We recently featured Ryan Petrich’s BrowserChooser as a Cydia tweak which can set Chrome as the […]

ChromeURL Cydia Tweak Replaces Chrome For iOS Keyboard With Stock Safari Keyboard


Only moments ago we told you about a Cydia tweak that extends the functionality of Chrome for iOS by adding three brand new features. Now, thank to another Cydia tweak that was recently released, one of the number one complaints with Chrome for iOS can be fixed. This complaint is that the developers behind Chrome for […]

Chromizer Cydia Tweak Brings About Pull To Refresh, Fullscreen Browsing And A Better Tab System To Chrome For iOS


Many things were announced at the Google I/O 2012, one of them being the new Chrome browser for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. To say this new Chrome browser for iOS is popular is an understatement! In only a day it climbed to the number one position in Apple’s free category. If you currently […]

Set Your Default iOS Browser As Chrome With BrowserChooser Cydia Tweak


By now, you must have heard about the Google Chrome browser making headlines in the iOS ecosystem. Google announced the availability of its Chrome browser on iOS yesterday at the Google I/O conference. Since then, the app has been downloaded numerous times and has already reached the number one spot in the App Store. Google […]