The iPhone 5/5s Tough Armor Bundle [Deals]


Your new iPhone 5/5s is slim, clean and beautiful, and we’re sure you want to keep it that way. If you’re looking for EXTREME PROTECTION WITHOUT THE BULK, Spigen’s Tough Armor has changed the game when it comes to protective cases. Thanks to their proprietary Air Cushion Technology, this case provides better impact absorption than any other case on the market at […]

Meet The rooCASE, An iPad Air And iPad Mini Origami Folio Case Cover For Only $0.01

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.09.05 AM

Those of you who have just gotten your hands on an iPad Air or are thinking about picking up a case for the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display will probably be looking to also get a case. Ideally a case that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily for you iFans has […]

Short A Lightning Connector? Check Out This 10Ft Long One [Deals]


If there is one thing any recent Apple iOS device owner has in common, it is likely that lack of enough Lightning USB cables. Prior to the iPhone 5 I had a ton of 30-pin USB cables, 5 to be exact, that I collected over the years. With the release of the iPhone 5 however, and […]

Check Out This Swiss-Designed iPhone Dock & Bluetooth Handset [Deals]


Take calls and stream music – wirelessly – from your cell, tablet, or PC and enjoy rich, dynamic HD sound from high quality stereo speakers. With Swiss voice’s ergonomic, retro handset, you get the best of both worlds – the classic feel of a real telephone with the technological capabilities of a Bluetooth headset. Whether a regular or hands-free conversation, […]

Never Lose Charge With The Portable Power Bank [Deals]


If you want to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go, look no further than this Portable Power Bank from A ViiQ. Whether you’re on a long flight or simply out all day, having this battery means you won’t have to worry about how much charge you have left! This portable charger works great […]

Sony Working On Lens Accessories To Turn Your Smartphone/Tablet Into A Fully-Fledged Camera


If SonyAlphaRumors is to be believed Sony could be working on new lens accessories to turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a fully fledged camera. What you are seeing in the images below are the DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lenses.  These aren’t just your typical lenses though that attach to your point and shoot camera, rather […]

Apple Introduces A New USB Takeback Program Due To Third-Party Charger Mishaps


Believe it or not there has been a ton of stories surfacing from China about iPhone owners who have been electrocuted to death from malfunctioning 3rd party chargers. As a result of these stories Apple has announced a new program that will allow users to swap their third-party chargers for the real deal. It is […]

Cut the Cord On Old Technology And Turn Your Bluetooth On With This Ultra-Slim Keyboard [Deals]


If you have a tablet (or smart device) and are still poking away at your smart screen, stop and think about how efficient you could be with a supercharged bluetooth keyboard? The day has come to put your poking behind you and to start TYPING your days away. Let’s be real, poking a smart screen is okay […]

Apple’s Lightning Connector Has Been Successfully Cracked By A 3rd Party Vendor

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.00.55 AM

When Apple released the new Lightning connector for its line of iOS devices it became more strict with it’s Made For iDevice (MFI) program. It implemented various security measures to make it hard for 3rd party accessory vendors to create non-certified accessories. Then with the release of iOS 7 beta it was discovered that if a non-certified […]

Never Run Out Of Battery Life Again With The PowerBar [Deals]


If you’ve been wishing for an easy way to charge your smartphone when you’re on the go, look no further because now you can with this portable PowerBar smartphone charger. Simply, plug your PowerBar into your smartphone and the charging will begin. Never have your smartphone die on your again with this powerful little portable […]