How To: Recalibrate The iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Home Button To Fix Responsiveness Problems

Is your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s home button not as responsive as when you first purchased your iOS device? Would you like a possible quick and easy fix to make your home button more responsive? If you answered yes to the questions previously presented to you, you will be glad to know iDB has shared a quick way to recalibrate your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s home button. This means with a recalibration of the home button on your iOS device exiting apps and performing home button commands should be much more responsive.

In this How To guide from you will learn how to recalibrate the iOS home button to be much more responsive and to fix home button errors.

Recalibrate Home Button

Step 1) – The very first thing you will need to do is launch a stock iOS app like the Calendar, Stocks, YouTube etc.

Step 2) – Once the stock iOS app of your choice has been launched you will need to hold the power button (located on the top of your iOS Device) until the Slide To Power Off toggle appears.

Step 3) – As soon as you see the Slide To Power Off toggle appear you will need to quickly hold the home button until this toggle disappears.

Step 4) – When it does disappear you will have successfully recalibrated your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s home button.

Congratulations! With your newly recalibrated home button, you should notice you have a much more responsive home button. For more How To guides like the one you just followed you can go to iJailbreaks How To Section. Additionally, don’t forget to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section below…

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  • Jonny

    hmm, this seems more like an april fools joke to me :(   Cant see it making a difference

  • Benner

    This is what i told to myself too… as when you hold both buttons for 5sec, it rebooted :P

  • Martin

    You have to let go the power/sleep botton when you press home button :P

  • Anonymous

    works very nicely

  • Jared Cleghorn

    Thank you very much!

  • Yoyo

    Thanks! It worked for me…

  • Dean_k87

    It worked great for me… But about 15 minutes later it was back to being not so responsive 

  • Ben Kruger

    This saved me a trip to the apple store.  My iPad2 home button stopped working and this fixed it!

  • D_timble

    Wow! This actually worked! You have to let go of the power button and hold the home button fast as soon as the slider appears

  • Dj mfn

    Worked nicely.. The home button wasn’t working on my iPhone and now it acts as if it were brand new. Yay! Hah

  • Nekratog

    Works like a charm! thanx!!!

  • mozilla

    Thanks made, it just work!!

  • mozilla

    For those who found it didn’t  work, 
    just repeat step1-4 for 2-3 times morei did it 3 times and work very fine

  • Jery Adrian

    Works perfectly, thanks mate!

  • Lienkiepienkie

    thanks, it works perfectly!

  • Eeyore

    If recalibrate n it still not responsive?

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  • Anonymous

    bloody amazing, I noticed the difference straight after doing it :D

  • G

    It works fine for me thanks!!!!

  • jayp

    that actually worked

  • Es Quien

    The home button fix worked like a charm on my iTouch bought 13 months ago !! Thank you. Quienes in NJ

  • Mika

    Perfect! Many thanks

  • Ammy

    Thanks!! Now my daughters iPod works just like new!!