The Top 10 Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 7 [What Are Yours?]

Believe it or not it has been just over three weeks since the initial release of Evasi0n7, which is of course the much anticipated Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7. Although the Jailbreak got off to a rocky start to say the least, things are now returning to normal with a majority of Cydia tweaks being updated for support with iOS 7 and ARM64 devices like the iPhone 5s.

Although not everyone’s favourite tweaks have been updated for iOS 7 like Sprintomize 3 and Zephyr, this hasn’t stopped Redditor, textredditor, from providing his top 10 reasons to Jailbreak iOS 7.

Top 10 Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 7

1. Activator

It’s no question that Activator is on this list. The tweak was developed by Ryan Petrich and is the backbone of so many other Cydia tweaks. For those of you who are new to Jailbreaking the tweak allows you to assign actions to various triggers (gesture, button sequence etc.) selected by you. So for example you could set double tapping the status bar to replace home button functionality if you had a broken home button. Recently Activator was also given TouchID integration as well.


2. BlurPaper

The BlurPaper Cydia tweak simply blurs the homescreen and lockscreen wallpaper. You can find the tweak by adding the following repo to your sources list:


3. F.lux

F.lux gets rid of the problem of blinding yourself looking at your iOS Device late at night. F.lux automatically adjusts your iPhone’s display to better adapt to the time of the day — not by reducing brightness specifically — but rather the tint of your display.

4. FlipControlCenter

This was of course one of the first tweaks released to customize the Control Center. FlipControlCenter lets you customize the toggles that are found in the first row.

5. CCHide:

CCHide is another Control Center customization tweak that lets you hide various sections of the Control Center. You are also able to hide playback controls in Control Center when music is not playing.


6. IconTool

This tweak very simply lets you backup and restore app data, rename icons, clear badges and so much more. It is definitely a power user tweak you should check out.


7. iFile 

iFile is a no brainer to have installed on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It’s a full blown iOS file manager, which comes with tons of features such as deleting, compressing, viewing, moving, copying, renaming files and much more.


8. Message Customizer


This has probably grown to be one of my favourite tweaks and as its name suggests it lets you customize literally every area of the Messages app in iOS 7 such as changing the colour of the messages bubbles, enabling Contact Photos and so much more.

9. SwipeSelection 

This tweak changes the way you edit text in iOS with gestures. It is a MUST HAVE.


10. VideoPane

VideoPane is a tweak developed by Ryan Petrich that allows you to detach video from most video players and bring it straight to your SpringBoard. This is very similar to the native detach functionality in the YouTube app, but instead of being restricted to just YouTube the video will stick with you throughout iOS (even when you open and close apps).


And those of you wondering how to replicate the theme shown in all the screenshots here are the instructions compliments of iPhonehacks:

  • Winterboard
  • M’flat iOS 7 Winterboard theme – Head over to this link for the installation instructions.
  • The Circular Connectivity Indicators tweak gives you the circular status indicators. You need to add the following repo to Cydia to install the tweak.
  • The name of the jailbreak tweak that makes the icons circular is Kiki, which can be installed from the following repo: (same as the previous one).
  • HomeScreenDesigner was used to create the 3×4 layout. You can apply 3×4 Textredditor 2014 layout in the Uploaded tab.
  • Cloaky was used to hide certain items in the Status bar.
  • Home screen Wallpaper – link
  • TransparentDock was used to remove blurred background from the iOS 7 dock.

What are your top reasons to Jailbreak? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. VIdeoPane!! I totally forgot about that! Going to install now. :)
    But my reasons,
    Still Capture Enabler 2
    And now, VideoPane. :)

  2. Henk Van de Goor says:

    My main reason for jail breaking is XBMC off course! Running it on iPad is just perfect!

  3. Theme and tweaks on screenshots??, pls

  4. i have a raspberry pi with XMBC and i dont understand why XMBC is so amazing all i have found that it does is you can watch videos, look at photos and listen to music.

  5. Riley Freeman says:

    to not have named bitesms is a complete insult. Not only should it have been named, it should have been the first thing named. Granted the ios 7 version is very stripped down while they work on updating it to get it back to where it was pre-ios 7 but it is the best reason to jailbreak.

    igotya or icaughtu is another one. i think igotya is better as it doesnt make the noise of sending an email but the guy that made that tweak stopped responding to everyone and responding to license updates in io6. he seems to have updated his app for ios 7 but shitty service for a paid product is not okay.

    dimmer is another one ive always liked. If its late at night and you’re using your phone, even the default darkest is still too bright.

    appinfo is good to get a list of all your apps and cydia packages. good to keep track if you are switching devices or re-jailbreaking after an os upgrade. also good to know how much space each app is taking.

    powerup so i have the option to restart, respring, enter safe mode or turn off my phone

    used to have photoalbums+ but no clue what they are doing with ios 7 or if there is even a point for them on ios 7. i do love album passwords which would still be good.

    there have been a lot of good other tweaks but a lot of these guys only last one os version. by the time the next ios is released, they disappear and the tweak doesnt work.

    instahancer is useful to not have to crop out some of the jokes on instagram from the profile

  6. Henk Van de Goor says:

    So, does your Pi have a built-in HD-screen? Can you watch series/movies when you’re taking a bath? Or do you just move your TV/monitor to the bathroom? The whole point of having XBMC on iPad is that is a 100% portable solution. Also: an iPad can do more that you’re Pi will ever be able to do…

  7. How do you set Activator to list audio apps when you plug in headphones, like in the example gif?

  8. You should try plex . It’s paid app but worth it for true portable multimedia device. Now with plex pass I can watch everything wherever and whenever I want

  9. Henk Van de Goor says:

    Why pay for something when you can get something for free that does a hell of a better job? Plex (after many, many years) still does not support DVD-ISO streaming nor does it stream Video_TS.vob, BD-iso and some other formats like .FLV… I would NEVER pay for a solution that is totally inferior when there is a superior solution that is totally free….

  10. If u jailbreak my 5s will cydia developers have access to my fingerprints? Or could they get access?

  11. how did you hide the folder background when opened?

  12. Chris Gren says:

    Make a menu with apps you want to pop up. Then go back and select “at homescreen”. Then go to bottom and select “headset: connected”. Then select the menu you made, and voila.

  13. What Theme is that

  14. Hey, so I was trying to replicate your theme but ran into a few problems. First up is the circular connectivity icons tweak. It only shows the circular icons when I launch an app, if I got back to the home screen it goes back to the regular icons.

    Second thing is BlurPaper. Got a completely white background after installing it. It would only work if I went into settings and chose something other than default but then it didn’t look anything like yours. Ended up just burring the picture in photoshop. By the way, why use transparent dock if BlurPaper already has an option to do the very same thing?

    IconTool doesn’t work for me either. How did you get rid of the page dots? I installed no page dots and again it didn’t work for me.

    Any ideas?

  15. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Capta1nAc1D says:

    How do I make a menu?

  17. if you download an app you give its developer permission to do basically whatever. Jailbreaking is the equivalent of having an android, you can get viruses, phone slows down, bunch of other crap that degrades the actual integrity of the iphone. so yes they could get access but it wouldnt be cydia who got it it would be the devs of whatever app you download

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