Today Is GeoHot’s Birthday, Happy 22nd Birthday GeoHot!

Unless you are brand new to the Jailbreaking scene, I am sure you have at least heard the name GeoHot tossed around.

Geohot was the first person to unlock the iPhone back in 2007, and he has brought a number of Jailbreaking tools to the table such as the BlackRa1n and LimeRa1n. More recently GeoHot was the first person to Jailbreak the PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, however, GeoHot was sued by Sony because of his work on Jailbreaking the Playstation 3 which ended in GeoHot signing an agreement to never hack the PlayStation again.

Over the course of the last few years GeoHot has really done a lot for the Jailbreaking community, and even though GeoHot left the Jailbreaking community (for an understandable reason) he still deserves thanks from us all; Possibly even a Happy Birthday. You see, according to a GeoHot fanpage today is GeoHotz birthday – October 2, 1989.

If today is GeoHot’s birthday we want to wish him a 22nd Happy Birthday!

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  • ron2k_1

    And if you are not new to jailbreaking, then you would (of if you’re new then you should) know of his unprofessional antics, arrogant attitude and narcissistic behaviour, and the troubles he costed the dev team back in the day.

    Freaking prick, I was hoping he’d do some jail time when he was sued by Sony… But heck, you can’t have it all in this life…


  • Pixelsphotopro

    Happy Birthday

  • A5990264

    fuck you ron2k_1 have some repect

  • Nickspacemonkey

    Why lol, everything Ron said was true. But I didn’t want him to go to jail…

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  • iDeviceJBR

    why did geohot leave the jailbreak community?