DEF CON 19: Inside P0sixninjas VIP Jailbreakers Party With GeoHot, Saurik And More! [Photo]

Popular hacking conference DEF CON, which is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, began yesterday and is to run through the 7th of August. This year’s DEF CON 19 is being held at the Rio Hotel and Casino and will play host to a number of speakers, workshops, events and entertainment.

Speakers set for this year include computer security specialists, security researchers, cyber criminals, and hackers, with content ranging from network security to hacking a slew of different programs and operating systems. DEF CON is known to attract some of the world’s premier hacking minds, making it a breeding ground for law enforcement and lawyers as well.

The conference also hosts ‘hacking games’. Most notable is Capture the Flag. CTF is a competition in which teams of hackers are set to attack and defend computers and networks.

We were excited to learn that many of the well known iOS jailbreak developers were on site to take in the sights and sounds of this year’s DEF CON. MuscleNerd had tweeted that he was excited to finally meet Saurik, (Jay Freeman), the infamous developer of Cydia, and the jailbreak developers’ twitter feeds are filling up with DEF CON info. Last night marked the opening of the conference, and the jailbreak developers all gathered P0sixninja’s hotel room for a ‘jailbreakers party’.

Software developer Jaywalker (Justin Williams), posted a picture of the party on his Twitter feed, which holds a pleasant surprise.

In the photo, we instantly noticed the familiar faces of Saurik and GeoHot, the developer of Blackra1n/Limera1n exploits, P0sixninja, and NitoTV, among others. It looks like the guys are having a great time down there in Las Vegas, and we look forward to hearing more exciting news as DEF CON 19 unfolds.

Update: NitoTV also posted an image to his Twitter account of the event.

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  • Kapoor Uday

    Awwwwwwsome…… guys with great brain 

  • ron2k_1

    Can anybody go left to right and name whoever you know.  I can only spot Jay Freeman and Comex on the those shots.


  • Rajaspidey

    I know only jay freeman & right most guy Geohot can u say me hu is comex :):):)

  • ron2k_1

    Oh yeah. Of course I can that arrogant prick GeoHot. I believe comex is the first on the left

  • Talwindermundi