ZephyrExt Cydia Tweak Forces Zephyr To Only Recognize Gestures In The Lowest 3rd Of The Screen


Probably one of the most popular Cydia tweaks for your Jailbroken iOS device is Zephyr. The Zephyr Cydia tweak brings true multitasking and multi-touch gestures to iOS that allows you to be more productive. One of the only downfalls to Zephyr is that sometimes its gestures get in the way of other applications. A good example of […]

Infinidock, Infiniboard, And Infinifolders 2.0 Now Available For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch–Now With Support For Infinite Icons


We learned earlier this week that Grant Paul–also known in the jailbreak community as Chpwn–was working on a complete rewrite of his apps. We speculated that Chpwn would most likely update his paid apps, including Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolders, VoiceActivator and Zephyr; as it turns out, these are the apps that were updated. As Chpwn explained […]

Zephyr 1.4 Is Available In Cydia With Full Support For iOS 6


The problem with upgrading to a new firmware is that when you bump into incompatible software, it can really feel like more of a downgrade. That can also include jailbreak tweaks, which can add new features and interface methods. Although there isn’t an ‘official’ jailbreak for the public release of iOS 6 just quite yet, […]

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Updated With Landscape App Switching And Notification Center Peeking


Zephyr, the jailbreak tweak that brought true multitasking and multi-touch gestures to iOS, has received another update. Developer Chpwn is always providing updates for this tweak, with new features, improvements and bug fixes. The latest update adds landscape support to the iPhone, landscape app switching and notification peeking. Zephyr 1.3 and all the previous versions have been […]

The ‘Infini’ Tweaks, Gridlock And Zephyr Cydia Tweaks Are Now Compatible With The iOS 5.1 Firmware


Apple introduced the iOS 5.1 firmware yesterday with some bug fixes and minor new features. As such the iPhone Dev-Team released RedSn0w 0.9.10b6 to Jailbreak A4 iOS devices running the iOS 5.1 firmware tethered. While this Jailbreak is not very stable at this time, if you upgraded the iOS 5.1 firmware and want to Jailbreak you […]

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Version 1.2-1 Brings Full iPad Support, Bug Fixes And More!


The last time Zephyr was updated, it got a whole lot of new gestures that made this amazing Cydia tweak even better. The last version number was 1.1 and it also had many bug fixes and other minor updates. One thing missing, however, was the support for iPad. There was no way to use the […]

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Updated To Include New Options And Bug Fixes!


Back in December we told you about a Cydia tweak released by Chpwn called Zephyr. The Zephyr Cydia tweak modifies the way you switch between applications and enable the multitasking bar. With the Zephyr Cydia tweak you can bring up the multitasking bar by simply swiping up from the bottom of your screen to the top […]

How To: Enable Multitasking Gestures On iPhone, iPod Touch With Zephyr Cydia Tweak


Earlier today we told you that Chpwn released the Zephyr Cydia tweak to enable multitasking gestures on the iPhone and iPod Touch. These multitasking gestures will change the way you multitask on your iOS device for the better! Instead of having to press the Home button twice to bring up the multitasking bar you simply need to […]

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Released Into Cydia [Chpwns “Cool” Cydia Tweak]


We have been pumping up a Cydia tweak being developed by Chpwn for the last few days now. We told you that developer Steve Troughton-Smith (responsible for an early preview of Siri ported on the iPhone 4) tweeted that he thought the beta version of this Cydia tweak was one of the “coolest” Cydia tweaks. […]