How To: Re-Download OS X 10.7 Lion From The Mac App Store

When Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion into the Mac App Store yesterday for $19.99 they also removed OS X 10.7 Lion. For those of you who have newer Mac computer this is not a big deal because why would you spend money upgrading to an older OS. If you have an older Mac […]

iCloud Allows You To SSH To Your Mac Over The Internet Using Back To My Mac [How To]

Back To My Mac is a service that had been included in Apple’s computers as early back as Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. The service automates secure point-to-point connections between Mac computers, and became free when Apple switched the service from MobileMe to iCloud. You may not have realized it, but if you know your computer’s […]

Mac OS X 10.8 AirPlay Mirroring Not Yet Working On All Mac Models

Following a report that not all Macs will run the new version of OS X 10.8, it has been discovered by 9to5Mac that apparently even those that will run Mountain Lion won’t have all the features available. As shown in the picture, the option for AirPlay Mirroring is not available on the right hand screen […]

Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion High Quality Galaxy Wallpaper [Direct Link]

Along with the new operating system, Mountain Lion, Apple is also bringing a new wallpaper to make your screen look much better. And as all Mac wallpapers, this one also follows the galaxy theme. Like we already told, the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion has about 100 new features and we hope this does […]

YellowD00r Will Bring OS X Lion To 3rd And 4th Generation Macintosh Computers

From the developers of WhiteD00r (custom iOS 4 firmware files) and RedD00r (custom iOS 5 firmware files), comes a brand new project called YellowD00r. Unlike WhiteD00r and RedD00r, however, that bring new features to the iOS operating system. YellowD00r is aimed towards providing new functionality to older Macintosh computers; specifically 3rd and 4th generation Macintosh […]

The Mac OS X Version Of Cydia May Be Released Soon!

A couple weeks ago we asked you guys What Happened To The Mac OS X Version Of Cydia? We asked you this question because no one had received an update for some time about whether or not the Mac OS X version of Cydia was still being worked on. While we did not get a response […]

WWDC 2011 Overview: OS X Lion – Mission Control, Launchpad, Air Drop & More!

OS X Lion is the newest build of OS X. Apple went through all the bragging material, like “there are over 54 million mac users around the world”. That’s not the least bit surprising, Apple likes showing off. They showed some demos of key features such as, Full Screen Mode, Mission Control, Launchpad, Resume, Auto […]