App Store Prices To Increase In EU And Canada And Change In Russia

Apple recently sent out emails to iTunes Connect members that stated that App Store prices will increase in the EU, Canada, Norway and change in Russia. Users in Iceland will see a decrease in App Store prices. According to the email, the changes in prices will start appearing in the next 36 hours. The changes in […]

How To Get iTunes Radio Outside The U.S.

iTunes Radio was released alongside iTunes 11 and iOS 7 on Wednesday. It enables users to create radio stations on their computer, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and, unlike Spotify, listen to them on the go. You just have to listen to a few ads or subscribe to iTunes Match – with a $24.99 price […]

Download iTunes 11.1 With iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle And More

Apple has just released an updated version of iTunes ahead of the release of iOS 7. This new version of iTunes chimes in at version 11.1 and it comes with support for iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle and much more. You can take a look at the official changelog for iTunes 11.1 below. iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio […]

How To: Make iTunes 11 More Like iTunes 10.7, By Bringing Back The Sidebar And Status Bar

iTunes 11 was released today and it really is a big change from iTunes 10. iJailbreak recently did an in-depth review of iTunes 11 and have concluded that it is a “major overhaul both visually and functionally.” Almost every element of iTunes 11 was re-designed or at least tweaked. In case you are not liking just […]

How To: Create A U.S. iTunes Account Without A Credit Card

Sometimes it is necessary to create a U.S. iTunes account even if you are from a different country. A good example surfaced yesterday when we showed you how to get the Starbucks app’s iOS 6 Passbook functionality working in Canada, which required a U.S. iTunes account. Making a U.S. iTunes account will allow you to download […]

You Can Ditch iTunes And Your PC With The Bridge Cydia App

One of the few things that disappoint me about the iPad is that Apple’s flagship tablet is still, to some extent, dependent on a nearby computer and an open window of iTunes or WinSCP. Bridge is a Cydia app which makes importing files to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without a computer an easier […]

You Can Personally Request Apps To Be Pulled Through The App Store Content Dispute Form

  While we at iJailbreak don’t think that Apple’s App Store should be the only choice for downloading apps, truth be told, I’ve had very few personal negative experiences with App Store. That said, there are issues with the store that we are all too happy to address. There are apps that leak sensitive user […]

How To: Fix iTunes Error 3194 When Downgrading iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad From iOS 5.1

When you try and restore your iOS device iTunes sends a request to Apple to sign the IPSW with the ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) of your device. This request process is actually what an SHSH blob is. Apple implemented the SHSH blob system so that they can force users to only upgrade to the latest iOS […]

Apple’s 1080p Compared To Blu-Ray [IMAGES]

If we look way back in the past, we would see a fight between some of the largest companies, Sony and Apple. Both were fighting for market dominance in the upcoming full high definition resolution market. Sony was pushing for something called Blu-Ray while Apple was behind the HD Movie front. While Sony won, Apple’s 1080p […]

Finally An Easy Solution To Sync iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With Multiple iTunes Libraries [MultiTunes Cydia Tweak]

One thing that has always bugged me about my iPhone is that you cannot sync it will multiple iTunes libraries. While there are obviously solutions available to get past this default restriction I have never really put the time fourth to actually look into them. That is why when I saw the MultiTunes Cydia tweak […]