Finally An Easy Solution To Sync iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With Multiple iTunes Libraries [MultiTunes Cydia Tweak]

One thing that has always bugged me about my iPhone is that you cannot sync it will multiple iTunes libraries. While there are obviously solutions available to get past this default restriction I have never really put the time fourth to actually look into them.

That is why when I saw the MultiTunes Cydia tweak today I was excited to share it with you. Essentially what the MultiTunes Cydia tweak allows you to do is sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with multiple iTunes libraries. MultiTunes works by creating profiles for each of your various iTunes libraries on different computers. So if you wanted to sync music on your Windows computer and your Mac computer, you could create a profile for each and sync music to your iOS device like normal without losing the current music that you have already synced.

Once you are done syncing music between your various iTunes libraries you can simply switch between the profiles you created in the MultiTunes app and you will find the music from the currently selected library in the

MultiTunes Cydia TweakIf you are interested in the MultiTunes Cydia tweak you can find it through the BigBoss repo for FREE. Let us know what you think of Multitunes in the comments section.

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  1. can’t find it though the Bigboss repo..

  2. Goelsarthak2 says:

    same here….can anyone give the exact path….

  3. Stangfreak1984 says:

    Does everything have to be just giving to u? Use ur brains and just a search hell its not that hard to find

  4. Dillinger79 says:

    After I select a new Library to set up, the new computer/iTunes asks if the phone should be set up as a new phone or from a back up.  If I do this, will my old phone info be erased? Or will it ONLY affect the Music profiles?

  5. Youwillneverbeanything says:


  6. just search it in cydia it will come up

  7. has anyone used the multitunes app and has lost anything on their old setup ? ijust dont know ifit will brickmy iphone because its jailbroken but it say’s it wants to setup old back up but also has setup as new iphone does itmatter which one i select or not ?

  8. Anthony Aparicio1 says:

    i cant find MultiTunes on cydia….did it get taken down?

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