How To: Upgrade And Install Cydia v1.1.6 To Remove The “Dickbar” April Fools Prank

Earlier today we told you that Saurik pushed an update for Cydia bringing it to version 1.1.6. In this Cydia update comes the removal of the code which initiates that “Dickbar” functionality within Cydia. You see, last year Saurik played a prank on the Jailbreaking community by integrating the beloved “Twitter Quick Bar” into the Changes tab. As this ended up confusing a lot of people and making them angry, Saurik kindly pushed an update today to remove the obsolete code.

Cydia 1.1.6 Update

Thus, in this how to guide from you will learn how to install and upgrade to Cydia v1.1.6 to remove the “Dickbar” functionality set to take effect tomorrow (April Fools day).

How To Upgrade To Cydia v1.1.6

Step 1) – Launch Cydia from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s SpringBoard (homescreen).

cydia 1.1.6 update how to

Step 2) – Tap on the “Changes” tab along the bottom. If you see a black bar appear that says “Downloading Packages” then you will simply need to wait for this process to finish. If you do not see this black bar then you will need to click the refresh button.

Cydia 1.1.6 Update

Step 3) – Once Cydia is finished “Downloading Packages” you’ll be prompt with “Essential Upgrade”. Please click the “Upgrade Essential” button and click the “Confirm” button in the top right corner to begin updating to Cydia version 1.1.6.

Note: Ensure you do not disturb Cydia while it is installing this update.

cydia 1.1.6 update how to

cydia 1.1.6 update how to

cydia 1.1.6 update how to

After Cydia has finished installing all the updates you will have to restart Cydia. Once Cydia restarts you should now see that Cydia is running version 1.1.6!

cydia 1.1.6 update how to

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