Apple Releases iOS 8.1 For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad


Apple has released iOS 8.1 to the public, bringing it to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With iOS 8.1, Apple adds Apple Pay to its list of services and other new features and bug fixes. During the iPad event last week, Apple announced that iOS 8.1 will be released to the public on Monday. [...]

Emulators Such As GBA4iOS Will Not Work On iOS 8.1 And Later


Some bad news for gamers hoping to play Gameboy Advance games on iOS 8.1. According to the developer of GBA4iOS, Riley Testut, the emulator doesn’t work on both the iOS 8.1 betas as Apple has patched the trick it relied on. Known as the ‘Date Trick,’ one could install GBA4iOS on a non-jailbroken device by simply [...]

iOS 8.1 Beta 2 Provides A Better Look At Apple Pay On iPhone And iPad


Apple released the second beta of iOS 8.1 for developers yesterday with bug fixes and other stability and performance improvements. It comes about a week after the first iOS 8.1 beta was out. The second beta carries the build number 12B407 and is currently available as an OTA update or direct download from the iOS [...]

Apple Seeds iOS 8.1 Beta 1 For Developers


Earlier today, Apple seeded the very first beta of iOS 8.1 to developers. The company released iOS 8.0.2 last week that fixed many bugs such as the nasty No Service and non-functioning TouchID bugs that iOS 8.0.1 brought along. iOS 8.1 beta 1 carries the build number 12B401 and is now available for download to developers. The [...]

iOS 8.0.2 Released With Fix For No Service And TouchID Bugs


It’s time to update your iPhone, iPads and iPods to iOS 8.0.2. Apple just released an iOS 8.0.2 update to the public with fixes for yesterday’s iOS 8.0.1 bugs and the bugs that iOS 8.0.1 was supposed to fix. The iOS 8.0.1 update that was released yesterday caused some major issues on the iPhone 6 [...]

How To Fix No Service And TouchID Issues In iOS 8.0.1


The iOS 8.0.1 update that Apple released today brought along some major bugs to most iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. The TouchID wouldn’t work and it showed No Service. If you’re on an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c and compatible iPads and iPods, then you won’t be facing any problems with TouchID or cell reception. [...]

iOS 8.0.1 Released, But Don’t Update Yet


Early today, Apple released iOS 8.0.1 to the public, an update that was meant to fix certain iOS 8 bugs such as bad WiFi, third-party keyboard problems and other bugs. Apple claims that these bugs are fixed in iOS 8.0.1, but they said nothing about newer bugs. After updating to iOS 8.0.1, iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus [...]

iOS 8 Is Now On Almost 50 Percent Of All iOS Devices

ios 8 adoption rate

Apple released iOS 8 to the public on September 17th and it’s already on about 50 percent of all the iOS devices in the world. That’s some really fast adoption rate since iOS 8 is hardly a week old. However, Apple pushes the update to almost all iOS devices except the iPhone 4, the iPad 1st [...]

iOS 8 Jailbreak Is Being Worked On, Says Pangu Team


After MuscleNerd’s recent statement that an iOS 8 jailbreak is still possible, the Pangu Team has now confirmed that they are indeed working on one. If you remember, the Pangu Team was the first to release a public tool that made iOS 7.1.x jailbreak possible. Now that iOS 8 is here and there’s no way to downgrade [...]

iOS 8 On iPhone 4S Affects Performance, You Probably Shouldn’t Update


Apple clearly mentioned that iOS 8 will not support the iPhone 4, but they didn’t say anything about bad performance on the iPhone 4s. Yes, you heard it right. The iPhone 4s faces plenty of performance issues when running the newly released iOS 8 and it also lacks the HandOff feature and a few others. [...]