Want Google Maps On The iPad? FullForce Gives The iPhone App Almost Perfect Support For The Big Screen

Unfortunately for iPad users, not every iPhone app is developed alongside a big screen counterpart. If you’re using Apple’s tablets without a jailbreak, you have to get used to the pseudo-iPhone interface, which is clumsy in 2X mode. One recent iPhone-only app is the newly released App Store version of Google Maps, which is a […]

How To Fix iPhone App Compatibility In Quasar

We recently reviewed Quasar, a window manager which enables true multitasking on the iPad. Quasar is a great interface tweak but its support for iPhone apps is limited. Features like window scaling, fullscreen mode, and landscape rotation only currently work with iPad applications. What’s more, iPhone apps seem to be the most vulnerable to Quasar’s bugs. […]

Quasar Review: Is True Multitasking On The iPad Worth $10? [Cydia Tweak]

Apps on iOS devices run as full screen applications by default, following a design philosophy where your phone becomes the app its running. While Apple’s approach made the iPhone iconic, there are some tasks where it just isn’t practical to flip back and forward between apps. If you jailbreak and have an iPad, you’ve may […]

FaceForward: Enable Official Facebook App For iPad [Cydia Tweak]

Well known iOS developer Ryan Petrich released an update for the FullForce Cydia application, which allowed for the installation of the native iPad Facebook application that was discovered packed away in the new Facebook for iPhone update. Soon afterwards, Facebook restricted the iPad application, and began removing users from their servers. Earlier today, as part of […]

WiCarrier And FullForce: Two New Cydia Tweaks That Are Worth Checking Out!

Lately there has been a lot of buzz in the jailbreaking community and we are seeing some great improvements from all around, like the release OpwnPWN; which will hopefully further more encourage more developers to take part in developing new jailbreaks. Today however, I am going to show you two great new Tweaks available in […]