App Store Prices To Increase In EU And Canada And Change In Russia


Apple recently sent out emails to iTunes Connect members that stated that App Store prices will increase in the EU, Canada, Norway and change in Russia. Users in Iceland will see a decrease in App Store prices. According to the email, the changes in prices will start appearing in the next 36 hours. The changes in […]

How To Add Custom Fonts To iOS Without Jailbreaking


A new app called AnyFont has been released into the App Store which actually allows you to install any font on your device without Jailbreaking. So how does it manage to get past Apple’s sandbox limitations? Well very simply with installation profiles. Upon installing the $2 app you will be able to open any OpenType (OTF) […]

Download The New ‘Beats Music’ Streaming App In The US


For awhile now Beats Music has been rumored to be releasing a streaming music service to compete with other services like Apple’s iTunes Radio, Pandora, Rdio and Spotify. In fact the project, which was codenamed “Project Daisy” has been in alpha testing for quite some time and has even garnered $60 million in funding from investors. […]

How To Extend Your Spotify Premium Trial On iOS


Spotify is a great music service: you can listen to thousands of songs on your computer and on the go with the Premium version. In my opinion, the last one is a little bit too expensive – in the UK, the service costs 9.99 GBP (that’s $16). Yes, you can try Spotify Premium for free […]

Super Nintendo Emulator On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Without Jailbreak


I love Nintendo and really wish I could play classic titles like Smash Brothers or Mario 64 on my iPhone and iPad. Some say that’s never going to happen…  A real shame… If you are like me, you’ll be glad to know that developer NSoft managed to circumvent the App Store rules to sneak in […]

BitTorrent Sync Now Available For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


I know what you are thinking: BitTorrent has officially managed to open the gates of piracy to iOS users. However, that’s not even remotely the case. BitTorrent has released a new version of its Sync app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The goal: to compete with Dropbox and to address users’ privacy concerns related […]

How To: Duplicate An iOS App On Your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad

How To Duplicate An iOS App

You might be thinking to yourself… why would you want to duplicate an iOS app? Well there is many reasons, say for example you have multiple accounts on an app such as Skype you could duplicate the app and be logged in onto different accounts on both applications. Essentially duplicating apps gives you multi-user functionality. […]

Record Screen On A Non-Jailbroken iPhone Or iPod Touch Using xRec

xRec screen

If you’ve ever wanted to record your iPhone’s screen, you would need to jailbreak it and use one of the available screen recording tweaks from Cydia. Non-jailbroken iOS devices didn’t really have any apps to record the screen, until now. A new iOS app called xRec has been released on the App Store, that lets […]

VLC For iOS Is Back, Now Available For Free In The App Store

vlc for iphone

The VideoLAN VLC Media Player is one of the most used media players for Windows and Mac. It was also released for the iOS platform, but due to copyright issues, the company had to remove it from the App Store. Now, years after its removal, VLC Media Player is back on the iOS App Store. […]

iJailbreak Goes Mobile, Bookmark And Get The App Now


Well folks… the time has finally come. iJailbreak has gone mobile! That is right, we now have a brand new fancy theme that is responsive. Just what does that mean? Well, it means that the website dynamically changes to fit the browser you are viewing the site on. If you make your browser window smaller […]