Common Problems With Evasi0n7 And How To Fix Them

Unlike most years where a Jailbreak is released after strict testing so the rollout goes smoothly, this year was different. The release of the iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak caught everyone besides the Evad3rs off guard including the creator of Cydia himself, Saurik. As such it is safe to say that the Jailbreak itself was rushed and as such is more prone to errors.

Fix Evasi0n 7 Errors

We have already provided an official How To guide on how to properly Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Evasi0n7, but there are still some of you who are having issues. As such I thought I would dive into some of the most common ones.

Start Problems With Evasi0n7 On Windows

If you are having troubles starting Evasi0n7 on Windows then it is probably because you are not running it as administrator. Right click on the Evasi0n7 icon and click the start tool as admin option.

Start Problems With Evasi0n7 On Mac OS X

If you are having troubles starting Evasi0n7 on Mac OS X then it is probably to do with GateKeeper. To get GateKeeper simply Control click on the Evasi0n 7 icon and click the Open option. You may be prompted to allow an application from a new developer – click Open.

Jailbreak Is Stuck

Keep in mind that the entire Jailbreaking process can take up to 5 minutes and during this time your device will reboot multiple times. If the Jailbreak actually becomes stuck, however, it is safe to restart the program and reboot your device by holding down the Power and Home button.

The Jailbreak Failed

There are a lot of reports of Evasi0n7 putting devices in looping boots, sandbox issues after the actual Jailbreak and so much more. If the Jailbreak failed then it could be due to a number of reasons, but the most common are:

  • You updated to your current firmware version over-the-air (OTA)
  • You failed to disable the passcode on your iOS Device

What you will need to do is restore your device back to iOS 7.0.4 through iTunes and ensure no passcode is enabled during the Jailbreaking process.

Problems With Cydia And MobileSubstrate

Those that successfully Jailbroke their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Evasi0n7 but are experiencing issues should note that Saurik was not informed that the Jailbreak would be released today. As such updates will be required for Cydia itself and MobileSubstrate before things will work smoothly again. Your best bet is to sit tight and wait for these updates to be pushed.

Also keep in mind that Cydia will also be experiencing higher than normal traffic volumes so expect delays.

Hopefully these solutions will help you solve an iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak woes. If not leave us a comment and we will do our best to help you out.

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  • applewoes

    jailbreak said done but cant get past apple logo on start up hope i didnt turn my iphone into a paper weight

  • joe

    Mine got stuck on the apple logo. restored just fine. going to try again here soon

  • Duckkarl

    It can be restored

  • TheSlug

    Jailbreaked successfully. However, I’m unable to install cracked apps. I tried appsync 6.0, iFunbox, etc. What am I forgetting?

  • Ethyn Resausk

    appsync 6.0 is for iOS 6 and needs to be updated for iOS 7 use obviously, Mr. amateur butt pirate.

  • TheSlug

    Thank you little child without a life.

  • eXoguti093


  • TheSlug

    Been jailbreaking for years. Do I have to make an apps folder with 777chmod permissions? Or just wait for new app sync and cydia? Please be helpful in your reply.

  • sonnydo

    I can’t restore after it got stuck on apple logo. Itunes won’t recognize usb connection!

  • Myninja

    Just wait til the packages are updated. You can experiment and what not. But chances are you may be unsuccessful. I don’t know your coding background but it’s best to just let the people that made the tweak to update it themselves.

  • David Hizon

    Put your device in DFU mode. iTunes will detect it. :)

  • Pranay jham

    Tried all the things … Still stuck on boot loop screen


    Is anyone Hv solution for App Sync for iOS 7

  • Vasu

    guyz I got a problem in cydia….
    This is when we select Manage>Storage ….it stopped :(
    M using iphone 5s…plz let me knw if this problem exist to other users

  • joshsmith2020

    Hi folks, I need to know something very specific…it might be an easy question, but I can’t seem to find any information about how to proceed in these precise circumstances:

    1. My device is an iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (i.e., iPad3,1).

    2. It is jailbroken, and running iOS 6.1.2. I have remained on 6.1.2 for several months now, and have not upgraded to iOS 7 specifically so that I could keep my device jailbroken). (In addition to all the Cydia tweaks I use, I rely on quite a few cracked App Store apps that I have totally NOT pirated [wink, wink, elbow, elbow], and upgrading to iOS 7 without an iOS 7 jailbreak would have prevented me from using them.)

    3. As we are all aware, an iOS 7 jailbreak has now been released. (Let’s assume, for our purposes here, that it will only be effective on iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4.)

    My first question is as follows:

    Do I need to upgrade my device to iOS 7.0.4 right now, before Apple releases iOS 7.1? (Assume that I would do any such upgrade via iTunes (on my iMac, using a USB connection to the device) and not through the updating mechanism within the device’s Settings menu.)

    MY REASONING: Obviously, to jailbreak my device on iOS 7, the device first needs to be running iOS 7. However, my understanding is that I can only put a version of iOS 7 onto my device that I obtain directly from Apple. Accordingly, if I were to stay where I am at right now (iOS 6.1.2, jailbroken) and Apple releases iOS 7.1 (and thus stops signing iOS 7.0.4), my understanding is that I would not be able to upgrade to iOS 7 AND ALSO jailbreak it because the only version of iOS 7 that my device could upgrade to would be iOS 7.1. (Again, assume that the current jailbreak will not work on iOS 7.1; also assume that iOS 7.1 beta (on which the jailbreak has been claimed to work) is not within my available options.) Is this understanding correct?

    My second question:

    If I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 right now, then completed the jailbreak, would I need to reinstall all of the cracked apps that are currently on my device (and would be temporarily lost after I upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 but before I complete the jailbreak (or, for that matter, after I upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 and after I complete the current version of the jailbreak, but before Cydia (and thus AppSync, which is what allows me to install the cracked apps) is properly updated))?

    If I would need to reinstall these cracked apps (via iTunes, of course), would I lose the data/settings currently within those apps (and thus presumably held in my device’s memory)? If I would need to do such a reinstall of these cracked apps, is there a way I can restore a specific app’s data/settings from a prior backup (say, from the full backup that I would (naturally) be making of my device in its current state (iOS 6.1.2) before I go ahead with the upgrade to iOS 7.0.4?)

    I would very much appreciate any advice on this. Thanks very much!

  • TheSlug

    Appsync 7.0 is up!

  • Son Do

    Thx David. DFU mode worked.

  • CaVyo

    Thanks for the informations guys … I have problem after jail breaking my device iPhone 5 … I installed ifile and other app from cydia … I tried to remove ifile but the app icons stays on my iPhone … How can I remove them ?

  • pc120ace

    i Jailbreaked my ipod touch 5 and everything went great until i updated cydia packages. when i updated those packages but instead of showing the usual black log screen, the screen turned off and it won’t turn back on. i know its working because when i connect it to charge, i can here the charging sound it makes.