Bypass Jailbreak Detection Errors With The xCon Cydia Tweak [Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, DirectTV etc.]

It has become very apparent that Apple is not a fan of Jailbreaking. It seems like they are constantly making it harder and harder for Jailbreaking to be continued when new firmware updates are released. This is the reason we still do not have an Untethered Jailbreak for the iOS 5 firmware generation. Besides Apple not being a fan of Jailbreaking, certain companies with applications in the AppStore have actually come up with their own Jailbreak detection methods that block the application from running on a Jailbroken iDevice. Just some of these apps include:

  • Bloomberg Anywhere
  • Cablevision
  • Cisco M-Learning
  • DirecTV for iPad
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon On Demand /FlexView
If you would like to run an application shown on the list above, you will be glad to know that with the Cydia tweak xCon, this is now possible.

You see, the xCon Cydia tweak runs apps with anti-jailbreak protection in a special contained environment where they cannot detect whether you have a Jailbroken iDevice or not. Thus, allowing you to run whatever AppStore application you wish, without having to worry about whether it has anti-jailbreak protection or not. If you would like to run apps such as Cablevision on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Simply download the xCon Cydia tweak from Cydia for FREE on the ModMyi repo, and enjoy the ability to once again use any app you wish from the AppStore.

Note: If you notice an application that is not supported by the xCon Cydia tweak then please email the developer (

Let us know what you think of the xCon Cydia tweak in the comments section below…

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  • JaredClegh0rn22

    Sounds legit, but I don’t use any of those applications anyway so I have no use for this tweak.

  • Mito79

    Thanks for posting such a useless response jared.

  • Ben Waschenko

    xCon is a great tweak now i can use optimum still being jbin

  • BiffTannen

    Does this work with “Good for Enterprise”?

  • Shane Rogers

    i tried installing xCon via Cydia and it came up with “HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found” after clicking Install then Confirm

  • Lilrascalsinc

    I just tried it and it didn’t work on newest directv app

  • Wirelezz

    xCon fails on the latest DirecTV iPad App upgrade! Wish I had not upgraded, DirecTV App now broken!

  • Davis25

    If u ever get that error, it just timed out. Just restart it again until it works.

  • Anonymous

    Latest version of “xCon 14 ” not working with LOVE FILM app

  • Gary

    Direct tv works with you tweak ap om my iPad2 1/9/2012 and I installed a few days ago but DTV has a new update ? Should I do it or will it fail I am running DTV 1.3.7. And iOS 4.3.3 and the xcon tweak… Please advise

  • Gary

    The new DTV. Update is 1.3.9 I haven’t updated yet…. is any one willing to try it. Because I have not and I am hesitant since I just got it to work again. any advice?

  • Xcon

    I just did the DirecTV 1.3.9 1/10/2012 update, and it dies with “not supported on jailbroken devices” using xcon v14….

  • Gary

    Are there going to be more updates, having the dtv service at home with it’s benefits, Rt now out weigh hanging on to be jail broken. I will never update again if you fox it or is off to iOS 5…

  • Omar

    Does not work with the latest directv app :(

  • Rob Craigmyle

    Works against Time Warner (iPad 2 iOS 5.01 Absinthe).  Most gratifying.  Shukran.

  • Mathew Treharne

    Doesn’t work with lovefilm :-(

  • Ecigzzz

    Does not work on latest optimum app, had 5 coworkers test it with the same result, open app, app crashed and closes. Happened on 2 iPhone 4s’d, 2 iPhone 4’s, and one 3GS all running iOS 5.0.1

  • guest

    crashing optimum app version 2.1
    any fix to this?

  • Texasfan4444

    Same here. Hope there is an update soon.

  • Deronowens

    The tweak is not working for my ipad 2 ios 5. whats good poeple. are there instructions after downloading?

  • Mecato2

     can you fix it?

  • Nodirectv

    Release notes for version 11 were pretty cocky. I guess DirecTV showed him. Or maybe they paid him to stop development?

  • Fake

    Crashing cablevision app on 2.1 on iOS 5.01. Any fix yet?????

  • Nodirctv

    Latest version of xcon on 2/18/2012 fixes DirecTV issue. Thanks.

  • JoelBurgos

    Xcon is great

  • Rats

    DirecTV update on 3/21 breaks latest version of xCon….

  • Nodirectv

    Ver 35 got DirecTV app to run, but couldn’t see DVR. Ver 36 fixed that.

  • Iceman1199

    Works great with DirecTV app.  I really needed this….Thanks!!!

  • Paul Gieselman

    think i screwed up and updated my Direct TV application. The App no longer opens. I un-installed and re-installed both the Direct TV app and xCon. Didnt work. Thoughts?

    Direct TV app version 1.6.6

  • NakedFaerie

    Can we get this to work with quickflix?

  • jwhill

    Doesn’t work with DirecTV

  • Mateo

    Does this work with D3 GO