Ryan Petrich’s New Tweak Will Let You Run Multiple Apps Simultaneously [VIDEO]

Popular jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has uploaded a video showing off a new tweak that he’s working on. If you’re not familiar with Ryan Petrich, he’s the developer behind popular Cydia tweaks such as Activator, DisplayRecorder etc. This is not really a new tweak, but actually an update to VideoPane.

VideoPane Multitasking Experiment

While the VideoPane Cydia tweak only lets users watch videos while using another app, this new update will let you run multiple apps at the same time. Ryan Petrich posted the following video titled, VideoPane multitasking experiment and previewed what the update would look like.

This could come as an update to VideoPane or he could release it as a new app, we’re not sure. All we know is, that the tweak is in its early stages and needs a lot of work before it can be released onto Cydia. It would be one useful tweak though. What do you think of this? Wouldn’t it be cool to work with multiple apps at the same? This would work great on the iPad.

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  • boomerang12344

    Let’s just pray that it is available on ios 5+ because I use devices that have ios 5 and 6, and so that is where I need stuff

  • Steiganator

    It’s basically the same this as a popular tweak I purchased back in iOS 5.1.1 that has never been updated since then. I’m talking of course about quasar. I paid $10 for that and it only worked on the iPad anyways. This looks much better already though. I’d be happy to pay for a new tweak :)

  • Steiganator

    Consider quasar for iOS 5.1.1 it’s fantastic and can only be used on iPad iOS 5.

  • TechPro

    Ryan Petrich FTW! Come on: Activator, SSL Patch (Saved a lot of lives), Display Recorder, AND NOW THIS?!

  • Maciej Matuszewski

    I want to run apps as for iphone on ipad for this tweak